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  1. drmickeyg commented on Peanuts Begins 3 days ago

    I think you mean the “ears up”! ;)

  2. drmickeyg commented on Speechless 4 days ago

    Sometimes when you repeat a comic, you have made subtle changes – which are fun to look for. But I don’t see any differences this time… Am I missing it?.Also, I like all your strips – some are cute, some have a message, some are funny: All are wonderful.

  3. drmickeyg commented on For Better or For Worse 4 days ago

    Her “crisis” (if that was what it was) was not nearly this expensive. In fact, it brought extra money into the household.

  4. drmickeyg commented on Fred Basset 5 days ago

    Or – HE could learn to cook… Just sayin’

  5. drmickeyg commented on Ollie and Quentin 8 days ago

    The directions Ollie gave don’t match the red line drawn on the map…

  6. drmickeyg commented on B.C. 8 days ago

    Correct – it looks to be one of the “T-even” bacteriophage family. I guess “comic biology” has a different evolutionary path than our biology – either the bacteria have organelles or the phage are infecting Peter’s cells.

  7. drmickeyg commented on The Argyle Sweater 8 days ago

    It happens periodically.

  8. drmickeyg commented on Dark Side of the Horse 8 days ago

    Hahaha! But in “blanket season” (so, now in NE) when we put horses back in their stalls with no blanket, we say they are naked (at least at the barn where I board my horses).

  9. drmickeyg commented on Lio 10 days ago

    Good one, Meowlin!

  10. drmickeyg commented on Cornered 10 days ago

    They wanted to be sure he was keeping current…