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  1. Mister.Jim commented on Matt Wuerker over 2 years ago

    A “Run, Hillary, Run” bumper sticker would actually be a big hit with both parties. Democrats would put them on their back bumpers and Republicans would put them on their front bumpers.

  2. Mister.Jim commented on Frank & Ernest over 2 years ago

    No matter how much you push the envelope, it’s still stationary.

  3. Mister.Jim commented on Moderately Confused over 3 years ago

    OK, I searched “Sharknado” so I could “get the joke”. I stopped watching TV about 20 years ago, I see I haven’t been missing much. (Thanks for the reminder).

  4. Mister.Jim commented on Aunty Acid over 3 years ago

    I really like Aunty Acid and look forward to seeing something new with her every morning. She’s been absent for a few days now and I just feel this empty spot that needs to be filled.

  5. Mister.Jim commented on That New Carl Smell over 3 years ago

    I work with a guy named Carl and he doesn’t appear to be much brighter than that.
    In regard to my previous comment, it was directed toward dheine1971 who questioned “Tattoos on your neck?” My intent was to say that I’ve seen many tattoos on people’s necks, none of them were a job resume though, most were a name, cartoon character or foreign symbol. I’ve seen some really ridiculous tattoos and some really attractive and good looking ones. It’s a matter of placement, subject and the ability of the artist.
    I didn’t mean to come off sounding like I think everyone who gets a tattoo is an idiot.
    My daughter has one that she regrets and my son has 3 that I’m sure he’ll never regret and one that he may someday come to regret, or at least question his judgement.

  6. Mister.Jim commented on That New Carl Smell over 3 years ago

    I’ve seen it many times and I always think “IDIOT!”
    Don’t those people realize that it doesn’t wash off.? It’s there for life unless you replace it with scar tissue.

  7. Mister.Jim commented on Shoe over 3 years ago

    Play on words. The original version is “Variety is the spice of life”, this was twisted to "variety is the life of spies, (spice)

  8. Mister.Jim commented on Aunty Acid over 3 years ago

    That’s not digging in the gutter, it’s just a little different than the typical comic that we’re used to. That’s what I like about Auntie Acid, a bit bolder than the rest but certainly not overboard.

  9. Mister.Jim commented on Shoe over 3 years ago

    Really obvious is the fact that the vast majority of them can’t talk, and they don’t sleep in beds like we do, nor have alarm clocks. This is a COMIC strip, not intended to be taken literally, but to get some comic relief based on life’s experiences.

  10. Mister.Jim commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 3 years ago

    Chronic and misinformed. You aren’t the only one flagging him. (or her).