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Dogs of C-Kennel by Mick & Mason Mastroianni

Dogs of C-Kennel

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  1. BurkeKnight commented on U.S. Acres about 4 hours ago

    More like “dirty” humor.

  2. BurkeKnight commented on Wizard of Id 3 days ago

    Easy solution. Hold down the ALT key on your keyboard, and tap the F4 key. End of your comic viewing problems.

  3. BurkeKnight commented on Pickles 4 days ago

    This comment section is for: Pickles by Brian Crane, not for asking about comments places for other strips. If the artist is not human enough to let people comment on their strips, then they should be removed from the site, IMHO.

  4. BurkeKnight commented on B.C. 4 days ago

    Show some respect for the artists and don’t spam their comments sections with questions about other artists strips.

  5. BurkeKnight commented on Rose is Rose 4 days ago

    I for one, think it’s rather distasteful to disable the comments section in a strip here. I think, if the artist does not care enough to let comments be made, they should have their strips removed from here.

  6. BurkeKnight commented on Mutt & Jeff 5 days ago

    Well, it seems it also can read a newspaper or book, or whatever that is in it’s hands.

  7. BurkeKnight commented on Wizard of Id 5 days ago

    It’s a danged comic strip. Artists change. Get over it. So much negativity about something changing. If the new art work is enough to upset you this much, then stop reading this strip. Easy as that. Otherwise, just let it be and stop spamming the comments section with the same junk about the changes. Get a LIFE, people!

  8. BurkeKnight commented on Close to Home 13 days ago

    1. Some men would not care if they got posted.

    2. The rest, would beat up the booth guys, so they don’t risk it. LOL

  9. BurkeKnight commented on WuMo 19 days ago

    That tiger, has a really bad shedding problem.

  10. BurkeKnight commented on Gil 23 days ago

    Yeah, glad to see the rules have not changed, too. :)