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  1. WebSmith commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 15 days ago

    Looks familiar. Still funny. (Note Mila Kunis as the voice of the female unicorn)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daFqm2RO7SA

  2. WebSmith commented on Bloom County 15 days ago

    W.C. Fields, I think?

  3. WebSmith commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 29 days ago

    Tuition is $666 for a 3 credit hour class.

  4. WebSmith commented on Tarzan about 1 month ago

    Shouldn’t Volthar show up soon? We haven’t seen him since July 13 when Tarzan slipped during the river crossing.

  5. WebSmith commented on Peanuts Begins about 1 month ago

    I just thought that she didn’t want him stealing her sand.

  6. WebSmith commented on Reality Check 2 months ago

    They forgot to note that his dialogue is a translation. What Pinocchio heard was, “I am Groot.”

  7. WebSmith commented on Chuckle Bros 3 months ago

    If you count the legs, it’s more like a “sacrifice winged arachnid”. Not to mention that six of its eight legs originate in its abdomen rather than its thorax.

    Other than that, a very clever pun.

  8. WebSmith commented on Tarzan 3 months ago

    “Felons”? Does Anthor follow English Common Law?

  9. WebSmith commented on Peanuts Begins 3 months ago

    Perhaps this is a visible representation of a glissando?

  10. WebSmith commented on Brevity 4 months ago

    If I had to guess, I would guess that the joke is the similarity in pronunciations.
    (Jicama being pronounced “hee-kah-mah”)