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  1. parkers burg commented on Gary Varvel about 4 years ago

    secdee BWAHAHAHAHhaha of course if i didn’t want federal highways and roads and bridges and waterways and dams and federal aid like for hurricanes and oil spills and medicare and medicaid and social security and national guard wull hayall yeah i oughtta go on ahead and secdee

  2. parkers burg commented on Glenn McCoy about 4 years ago

    thank you! i think the interminably farcical chatter about bengazi is a desperate attempt to pull the dirty gop out of the mud

  3. parkers burg commented on Scott Stantis about 4 years ago

    bizarre how rampant the slurs fly about this! intelligence was announced when intelligence came in. how hard is that to understand? it’s not an “albatross” like the republicans would like for everyone to believe. it’s a sham. it’s the only thing the gops think might get them some leverage. it won’t happen. it’s an age-old fear-mongering, sabre rattling, trigger happy republican problem.

  4. parkers burg commented on Chip Bok about 4 years ago

    but you know what? i remember him as a newscaster when i was a kid – before a commercial he would say “and, now, if you will, listen to dis message, eh”.

  5. parkers burg commented on Stuart Carlson about 4 years ago

    thank you!

  6. parkers burg commented on Jeff Danziger about 4 years ago

    pennsylvanians will vote in the presidential election if they are registered – no id required – judge (republican i might add) suspended the requirement – pennsylvani for obama DONE

  7. parkers burg commented on Jeff Danziger about 4 years ago


  8. parkers burg commented on Jeff Danziger about 4 years ago

    nicely stated john orr and apfelzra

  9. parkers burg commented on Bob Gorrell about 4 years ago

    biden laughed because many of the numbers and the statements ryan made were laughable – pretty simple

  10. parkers burg commented on Win, Lose, Drew about 4 years ago

    that’s for you dred