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  1. Jungfrau commented on Robert Ariail 2 days ago

    Hafta agree with Ji2m and Old Coal. I stopped reading our “daily rag” a few years back. Have not watched ANY of the national TV stations for the longest time either. Trying to make any sense of truth/fiction during the elective process made LOTS of folks tune out.I think it’s great now that The Donald is keeping the “biased” news at a GREAT arm’s length, and hope he continues as long as he can. He knows that after January 20th 2017 he may have to give in a little, huh?

  2. Jungfrau commented on Matt Wuerker 2 days ago

    Although I realize this ’toon is supposed to be funny, gotta wonder how long it will be that the “investigation” (s) into the Clinton will take, and how soon “it” will be swept under the rug like the IRS, Bengazi, Bergdal, and other events have been?

  3. Jungfrau commented on Shoe 2 days ago

    To sarazan7; Nah, the barkeep is at the other end of the bar watching ESPN !!! He/She will get to that “empty” and swipe the bartop in good time !

  4. Jungfrau commented on The Flying McCoys 6 days ago

    And to borrow the famous line from JAWS: he’ll come back to the salesman in order to purchase a “bigger” tractor !!!

  5. Jungfrau commented on The Duplex 9 days ago

    Um; I’d hafta ask Fido 3 if he/she reads the Beetle Baily comic? Beetle has put up with all that violence from Sarg for years ‘n years. Don’t remember him retaliating too many times.

  6. Jungfrau commented on B.C. 9 days ago

    I’m with frugalnotcheap. After all these years, a good “cheeze” filled pizza and couple glasses of a good Merlot would be just fine ’n dandy with me !

  7. Jungfrau commented on Pickles 9 days ago

    Gotta agree with Grog ! Only time I EVER wilt and agree to go is if it’s raining pretty bad. Don’t want the bride of 50+ years to be involved in an accident !

  8. Jungfrau commented on The Duplex 10 days ago

    Eno must not live in California ! Even the gas stations that sell beer have signs that says EVERYONE must show I.D. to purchase beer !!!

  9. Jungfrau commented on Baldo 11 days ago

    To add comment from comicsfan, has anything REALLY changed for the better nowadays (think the movie Blackboard Jungle 1955)???

  10. Jungfrau commented on Herman 11 days ago

    This guy has the mannerisms of Eno on the Duplex, huh?