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  1. Jungfrau commented on Tom Toles 3 days ago

    Um; What are the odds in Vegas that the rampant voter fraud (s) being un-covered will EVER be addressed by the “biased” news media (s) let alone be fixed/corrected?

  2. Jungfrau commented on Herman 5 days ago

    And here I thought there was only ONE Rancid Veeblemiester !

  3. Jungfrau commented on B.C. 11 days ago

    Reminds me of the Red Skelton TV show, wherein certain guests that he’d share a “skit” with would forget their lines ! One I remember well was with Raymond Burr who played Perry Mason on TV.

  4. Jungfrau commented on The Duplex 13 days ago

    Ahh yes ! Eno always takes the path of least resistance, or in this case: choices !

  5. Jungfrau commented on Wizard of Id 14 days ago

    YETHSIR ! aicarrie1 beat me to it. Was gonna say the same thing, the only thing would be that it would have happened to Wiley the Coyote !!!

  6. Jungfrau commented on The Flying McCoys 16 days ago

    Hmmm; Dad’s saying this with Halloween just down the road a piece ???

  7. Jungfrau commented on Baldo 16 days ago

    Gotta agree with Linguist !

  8. Jungfrau commented on Wizard of Id 21 days ago

    Phatts; it’s a little eary for “car salesperson” so I’d hafta guess maybe a “policrookedtician”???

  9. Jungfrau commented on B.C. 21 days ago

    Gotta agree with Bruno Z and Bob Dollar, one of the BEST Warner Bros cartoons EVER !!!

  10. Jungfrau commented on B.C. 24 days ago

    YETHSIR ! Gotta agree with DavidHuieGreen; it’s the favorite time of the year for the anteater !!!