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  1. Jumpyj52 commented on Family Tree about 3 years ago

    I knew an 11 yr old boy, not wearing helmet while on bike, who was hit by a car. Permanent physical and brain damage, will always need care. Very sad.

  2. Jumpyj52 commented on Soup to Nutz over 3 years ago

    Rick Kirkman and Brian Crane won this year’s Reuben award for Outstanding Cartoonists of the Year. Kirkman draws Baby Blues and Crane draws Pickles. I’m not sure why Pastis is mentioned in panel 3.

  3. Jumpyj52 commented on Monty over 3 years ago

    If you’re time traveling, you’re not going to go for just one week.

  4. Jumpyj52 commented on The Other Coast over 3 years ago

    He was born in New Zealand, so it’s quite possible.

  5. Jumpyj52 commented on B.C. almost 4 years ago

    Q4horse’s comment should be removed