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  1. inevattable commented on Walt Handelsman 22 days ago

    But then how can a pollster possible navigate an antiquated electoral voting system.

  2. inevattable commented on Rob Rogers 30 days ago

    Just as did women’s suffrage, child labor laws, age of consent, ad nauseam.

  3. inevattable commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    The grating voice of George Wallace lives on. “Owah way o’ laff!!!”

  4. inevattable commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago


  5. inevattable commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    And don’t overlook the Florida fiasco that swept Dubya into power.

  6. inevattable commented on Jerry Holbert 2 months ago

    Sadly, I checked with Canada and I could not emigrate. Their requirements for citizenship are too high and I would be deported if I entered illegally.

  7. inevattable commented on Walt Handelsman 3 months ago

    They can always eliminate the anthem, a football game is NOT a national event. No anthem, no protest and no more yammering about it.

  8. inevattable commented on Jeff Stahler 3 months ago

    Erm. . . . . when exactly was it when lying and denying in any way was disqualification for public office?

  9. inevattable commented on Shoe 3 months ago

    I will have to remember this next time Dr. starts asking leading questions about PSA tests. The last time he asked if I got up to go to the bathroom I said, “Of course I do, I have alcohol before I retire and once it clears out, I stop getting up to go to the bathroom!” That seemed to mollify him and he stopped trying to find more things wrong with me.

  10. inevattable commented on Henry Payne 3 months ago

    With his millions he could emigrate to a country waving the flag of his choice.