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  1. inevattable commented on Tom Toles 14 days ago

    The nation was finally relieved of the Kennedy vice-grip. Must we now endure the same treatment from the Bush clan?? Neither Texas nor Massachusetts is the place to find presidential candidates.

  2. inevattable commented on Robert Ariail 14 days ago

    Want people to read what you write?? Keep it brief.

  3. inevattable commented on B.C. 14 days ago

    No, we are not supposed to serve him. His earthly ministry was about serving others, treating each other decently, forgiveness, not condemning one another, patience and long suffering. His life was to show us a better way of doing life. Contemporary Christianity has turned His life into an obsession with sin and evangelism – culminating in a ‘get out of hell free card,’ provided you have done everything every nut-case evangelist has told you to do. Grace was all free from the start – we are required to do nothing, HE did it all, that is what GRACE means.

  4. inevattable commented on Jeff Danziger 16 days ago

    Would it kill [or send to hell] any of these mom and pop businesses to partner with another business that did not mind serving same-sex couples? Certainly not! It would, however, deprive them of spreading their evangelical hatefulness – something near and dear to their hearts.

  5. inevattable commented on Henry Payne 22 days ago

    Pedants, wack is short for wacko [a crazy person].

  6. inevattable commented on Henry Payne 23 days ago

    Yesteryear’s quotas and affirmative action in action.

  7. inevattable commented on Clay Bennett 25 days ago

    My shame that this man represents the state of Texas where I live knows no bounds.

  8. inevattable commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 1 month ago

    Years ago, we had a ‘wash basin’ [a wide pan on a wooden stand] on the back porch. We carried warm water from the kitchen stove to the basin then washed our hands or face then dried off with the towel hanging nearby. My brother used to imagine, “What if you went out to wash your face when it was very cold outside, accidentally got soap in your eyes and screwed your face up in pain then while you were feeling around for the towel to wipe the soap out of your eyes, your face it would freeze that way.”

  9. inevattable commented on Jeff Danziger 3 months ago

    War gets started when parents believe, “Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child” is written anywhere in the Bible.

  10. inevattable commented on Jeff Stahler 5 months ago

    Oh poor baby! He has all the money in the world and now the world is expected to worship his ethnicity as well?