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  1. HyperShock commented on Cow and Boy Classics 3 months ago

    Who is Mr Springer?

  2. HyperShock commented on Bewley 4 months ago


  3. HyperShock commented on Cow and Boy Classics 7 months ago

    It would be Bearmagedon!

  4. HyperShock commented on Cow and Boy Classics 10 months ago

    They grew apart and she kind of just faded out.
    This is either the last or second last strip she appears in: http://www.gocomics.com/cowandboy/2011/01/18

  5. HyperShock commented on Bewley 11 months ago

    Who laid the eggs?

  6. HyperShock commented on Frazz 12 months ago


  7. HyperShock commented on The Humble Stumble 12 months ago

    I always play “the alphabet game”
    Try to find words on billboards and street signs starting with each letter of the alphabet in order. First person to see a sign claims it. If the sign has multiple words, the person who claimed it can use as many of the words on the sign to proceed as they can.

  8. HyperShock commented on The Humble Stumble about 1 year ago

    These are unfortunately reruns. Such a heart-warming comic, severely underrated and sorely missed.

  9. HyperShock commented on The Humble Stumble over 1 year ago

    lutefisk! (google it)

  10. HyperShock commented on Brewster Rockit over 1 year ago

    I quite like what C.S. Lewis has to say about leadership and warfare in The Horse and His Boy:
    “For this is what it means to be a king: to be first in every desperate attack and last in every desperate retreat, and when there’s hunger in the land (as must be now and then in bad years) to wear finer clothes and laugh louder over a scantier meal than any man in your land.”

    This is in contrast to how criticises describes the Calormen (who in the book are a cultural mish-mash resembling India and Arabia, but a criticism which I think applies to America as much as any other country today) “These little barbarian countries that call themselves free (which is as much to say, idle, disordered, and unprofitable) are hateful to the gods and to all persons of discernment”.