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  1. Bryan Woolman commented on Scott Stantis 11 months ago

    Well said.

  2. Bryan Woolman commented on Truth Facts about 1 year ago

    Period, comma, Pie, its all greek to me……

  3. Bryan Woolman commented on ViewsAmerica over 1 year ago

    Good comment.

  4. Bryan Woolman commented on Drew Sheneman over 1 year ago

    Not my experience. Over 9 local medical companies in the San Fernando Valley (NW LA County) have gone out of business directly due to Obamacare and Medicare cuts. My insurance under Obamacare would have more the doubled in montly cost. Anyone that says differently is mis-informed.

  5. Bryan Woolman commented on Marmaduke over 1 year ago

    Damn Siamese if you please……

  6. Bryan Woolman commented on Henry Payne over 1 year ago

    It is not a success for those aged 60-65 who lose their coverage due to spousal drops, retirement or cancelled plans. I know. I am a victim. My cost for a private policy under CA Care has doubled since 2009. It is not affordable.

  7. Bryan Woolman commented on Michael Ramirez almost 2 years ago

    The stay in your job for insurance ploy only works if your cost does not go from $1100 per month for my wifes employer based plan to over $1650 per month on CA Obamacare. Since my wife and I am over 60 and I have been unemployed since 2009, we do not really have an incentative to retire early until Medicare kicks in. Real world cases are what count.

  8. Bryan Woolman commented on Dana Summers about 2 years ago

    My God, I cannot believe you pro-Obama people and your comments. Forget Fox, read for yourself. Study!!!! Obama is a socialist. There is no doubt in anyones mind that he is completely for spreading the wealth and increasing public debt and entitlement. If you do not understand this, you are part of the problem!

  9. Bryan Woolman commented on Phil Hands about 2 years ago

    Stop blaming the Republicans and the Tea Party. At leat they woke up. Obama and the Democrats are Socialists and this is all part of the plan. Suggest everyone move to the Libertarian Party.

  10. Bryan Woolman commented on Reality Check over 2 years ago

    Old one from the 1980’s.