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  1. Lugg commented on Tony Auth about 2 years ago

    Just read (9-14-14) that Tony Auth died today of brain cancer. Rest in peace.


  2. Lugg commented on Clay Bennett over 3 years ago

    A tad off topic but why did Facebook suddenly disappear from the list of “Shares”?

    Agree with kindnessmatters!! completely. What I’ve never understood, too, is why, in a gated community, Zimmerman felt the need to ride around with a gun patrolling streets and sidewalks. Isn’t the whole point of a gated community to make that unnecessary? To me Zimmerman comes across as a vigilante.

  3. Lugg commented on Signe Wilkinson over 3 years ago

    Signe, with the Koch Bros. and others of their ilk heavily involved in the Tea Party, a piggy bank is probably not the best image to use for that group.

  4. Lugg commented on Jeff Danziger almost 4 years ago

    Thanks for “Notary Sojak,” it’s been years; makes me feel like a kid again!

  5. Lugg commented on Pat Oliphant about 4 years ago

    Yea!! He’s back!! Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah!!!

  6. Lugg commented on Matt Bors over 4 years ago

    Bloomberg is a Democrat like my dog is a Democrat . . . whatever gets her dinner sooner. And he’s no liberal, he’s a condescending, billionaire control freak, just like Giuliani was a control freak. And NY may be liberal but most people are against this and all the other “nanny state” garbage Bloomie pushes. And believe me, buff NYC cops like that are a real; fantasy, and they have about as much support as Congress and the Supreme Court.