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On A Claire Day by Carla Ventresca and Henry Beckett

On A Claire Day

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  1. Larry commented on MythTickle 4 days ago

    Yes, well said !

  2. Larry commented on Ink Pen 4 days ago

    Hah! A good laugh!
    Good ’toon.

  3. Larry commented on Signe Wilkinson 8 days ago

    Was not the Pope was chosen, elected, by the Cardinals?
    Is there some sort of betrayal here, failure to keep campaign promises or such?
    Good cartoon of the situation , good visual.

  4. Larry commented on Jim Morin 9 days ago

    motive, thanks for the link, that’s good.
    Will Cruze view it?

  5. Larry commented on Ken Catalino 11 days ago

    When a member runs for president of our United States,we should consider his religion as an indication of his character.
    LDS stance on history, marriage and race in odious.

  6. Larry commented on Steve Benson 12 days ago

    However you spell it, yes.

  7. Larry commented on Breaking Cat News 13 days ago

    A cat that will play fetch is such a joy! It is true sharing – not just tormenting a cat with something impossible to catch.

  8. Larry commented on Stuart Carlson 17 days ago

    Church, that may be so but the big name democrats were supporting those candidates that were behind.

  9. Larry commented on Clay Bennett 17 days ago

    “Dark money” sounds like a Nixon saying.

  10. Larry commented on The Sunshine Club 22 days ago

    For the double-wide people?