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On A Claire Day by Carla Ventresca and Henry Beckett

On A Claire Day

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  1. Larry commented on Ken Catalino 2 days ago

    omQ, had the artist drawn Rands, would we recognize them?
    The sentence is very light by my standards however I do not represent Justice, here or in Africa.

  2. Larry commented on Bewley 8 days ago

    That is funny!
    Bewley is always great, this is one of the best!

  3. Larry commented on Dana Summers 9 days ago

    Do we have no mega-hospital equipped for this?
    Walter Reed or Henry Mayo or something?
    Why Dallas where they are already bickering about how ill-prepared they were? Dallas?

  4. Larry commented on Jeff Stahler 9 days ago

    dzw, I get your point but the cars are shown with ordered directions. Chaos would have them scrambled.

  5. Larry commented on Jack Ohman 9 days ago

    With LDS historical position on women, polygamy and all, Romney has no chance at all against Hillary.
    GOP needs to unify behind a viable candidate, give the US a choice.

  6. Larry commented on Jeff Stahler 10 days ago

    Good catch, Clark. What was the artist thinking?

  7. Larry commented on Henry Payne 10 days ago

    Tesla is permitted to use HOV lanes.
    Zero emissions, Go Tesla!

  8. Larry commented on Ziggy 14 days ago

    …or maybe sort of a greenish smear like algae in the fish bowl.

  9. Larry commented on MythTickle 15 days ago

    Sir T Pratchett

  10. Larry commented on Steve Benson 15 days ago

    Truth: Can’t be too careful about transmission of E-bola.
    Straight truth.