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  1. Fido3 commented on Off the Mark 8 days ago

    In Utah, you can pay the bribe (usually $.35) per section (between exits) of the HOV lanes if you also buy and register a vehicle transponder.

  2. Fido3 commented on Wizard of Id 9 days ago

    Whatever happened to “Rammin’ on the Jim-Jam, Frappin’ at the Fritz”?

  3. Fido3 commented on Zack Hill 10 days ago

    On the OTHER hand…. Do As I Say Or Get Out!

  4. Fido3 commented on Zack Hill 11 days ago

    I believe it was about a bunch of gay people, so I will never watch it.

  5. Fido3 commented on Lio 13 days ago

    In my small city of approx 10,000 population, very near another four cities totalling another 150,000 people, there are THREE very large and very nice People Parks, and ZERO Dog Parks.

  6. Fido3 commented on Moderately Confused 13 days ago

    There was a “Property Virgins” show on HGTV, and the realtor showed a snotty first-time home buyer an empty lot, and said “This is all you can afford in this neighborhood you demand”. She didn’t buy the lot.

  7. Fido3 commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 15 days ago

    Still believe in that old bedtime story, do ya? So sad for you.

  8. Fido3 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 15 days ago

    I’l like ALL these guys to get adopted, but then there wouldn’t be a strip left.

  9. Fido3 commented on Pooch Cafe 16 days ago

    My Golden HATES wind on his face…. or neck, or shoulders, or anywhere ELSE on his body. He hides on the floor in the back seat.

  10. Fido3 commented on Moderately Confused 17 days ago

    I keep a pump air rifle next to the back door. The doves around here AREN’T around here so much any more…