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  1. Fido3 commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 1 day ago

    We all called it “Cuts and Cuts-back”.

  2. Fido3 commented on Basic Instructions 4 days ago

    Scott…. Photo Shop???

  3. Fido3 commented on The Duplex 5 days ago

    Gina looks a lot better than she did ten years ago.

  4. Fido3 commented on Reality Check 8 days ago

    AMERICAN GOTHIC is a Farmer and his Spinster Daughter, not his wife. I won’t go any further on the relationship…….

  5. Fido3 commented on Zack Hill 9 days ago

    Licky dogs are Icky dogs

  6. Fido3 commented on Loose Parts 14 days ago

    Zoos make me sad

  7. Fido3 commented on Zack Hill 17 days ago

    But it’s in the Qur’an, all non-believers are SUPPOSED to get their heads hacked off, therefore they were part of the SOLUTION!

  8. Fido3 commented on Off the Mark 19 days ago

    At least no one here said pterodactyl like usually happens, because it’s a pteranodon.

  9. Fido3 commented on Wizard of Id 26 days ago

    Small Shop Owners leave the tills open at night alright, completely empty and open to show that it’s empty.

  10. Fido3 commented on Pickles 26 days ago