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  1. Trantor0815 commented on Endtown 28 days ago

    I say now Jim is only a few panels before he get his big show where he dies.

  2. Trantor0815 commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    He is a bit slow, but I think now he (thinks he) got it. Now lets see if he jump on someones throat or if he is broken already.
    As racoon I think the first one. And after this hopeless attempt, maybe Piotr would offer to help them, because he seems not to be a bad guy. Sarah would also support that, because Jim and the others doesn t fit in her plan she made in her mind.

  3. Trantor0815 commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    Yes, I think there is someeone really pissed about “his” girl.

  4. Trantor0815 commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    Don’t fool around with an angry cat! ^^

  5. Trantor0815 commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    A new nice try for “spend your best years for the company, family can wait”.
    Maybe the should also offer “we freeze your mom and dad” so the worker and his children have some grandparents when they need them.

  6. Trantor0815 commented on Brewster Rockit 3 months ago

    At some time everyone get a hug from him.

  7. Trantor0815 commented on Joe Heller 3 months ago

    Maybe I – as german – don t see it right or get only the information about the worst scenarios.
    But most times I read or hear that your police used guns to stop someone, there was someone dead after that. I think most US Policemen should have much more experience in shooting as most german/european Policemen, because here you can be happy if you shoot 100 rounds in a year on the shooting range. (I know much policemen which only get 50 to 70 rounds training). It looks like US Policemen are much faster with their weapons than elsewhere. Can someone give me a link for a statistic on weapon use by policemen in US? In Germany we had 2011 85 times shooting against humans overall: 49 warning shoots and 36 aimed shoots with 15 injured and 6 death.

  8. Trantor0815 commented on Rob Rogers 3 months ago

    and Homo Sapiens is wiped out Homo Stupid(ens)

  9. Trantor0815 commented on Endtown 3 months ago

    Maybe this is even for Ex-Topsiders a little bit too blunt. Against this Sarah must feel that Topsiders behaves like angels to the mutants.

  10. Trantor0815 commented on Robert Ariail 5 months ago

    For sure the United States is responsible for many problems of the central american states, because the ruled the politics and business there for the whole last century.
    But – like the european colonial states also did – they forgot to develope the countries for the people there. Now we get what we sow.