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  1. michaelwolf commented on The City 5 months ago

    Looks like Derf is doing well and decided to dedicate his time to graphic novels. Here’s a post, worth a read:


  2. michaelwolf commented on Working Daze 10 months ago

    Prediction for next week: homage to Dilbert and drawing style of Scott Adams

  3. michaelwolf commented on Scary Gary about 1 year ago

    @Jeff H- that article doesn’t say anything about the person being Muslim. Not sure why you’d say that – there are crazy people of all backgrounds.

    This is the comics page – leave your small-minded bigotry for the editorial page comments.

  4. michaelwolf commented on Jen Sorensen over 1 year ago

    @Tigger – prove it with some links to surveys. You are basically just making up facts that have no grounding in truth. Polls have shown time after time a majority of people are in favor of background checks and limits on things like assault weapons.

  5. michaelwolf commented on Invisible Bread over 1 year ago

    Welcome to gocomics Justin.

  6. michaelwolf commented on The Doozies almost 2 years ago

    Tom: how long had you been drawing comic strips before you got syndicated?

  7. michaelwolf commented on Beardo about 2 years ago

    Congrats Dan!

  8. michaelwolf commented on Tim Eagan about 2 years ago

    @jack75287 – Sorry, you’ve flunked the test (racism is basically equivalent to flunking an intelligence test)

  9. michaelwolf commented on Brevity over 2 years ago

    Everyone is assuming its about politics, but don’t forget Huffpo has a pretty bad reputation for building much of its traffic on the work of unpaid bloggers, as well as editorially becoming essentially an online version of a supermarket tabloid in recent years.