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  1. SharkNose commented on W.T. Duck 3 days ago

    Must be a duck thing…

  2. SharkNose commented on W.T. Duck 8 days ago

    Meet the new camera…
    Same as the old camera…

  3. SharkNose commented on Peanuts Begins 8 days ago

    That’s Shermy and Patty. Charlie Brown is selling the flowers and Snoopy is, well… Snoopy! :)

  4. SharkNose commented on Marmaduke 8 days ago

    I usually just snicker at Marmaduke, but today’s strip made me LOL! Phil just made Marmaduke’s day! And it looks like Marmaduke is prepared for him.

  5. SharkNose commented on FoxTrot 14 days ago

    Is that a little effigy of Paige in the Target Practice area?

  6. SharkNose commented on F Minus 15 days ago

    Tony should have added a final panel showing a drawing like this…


    Thanks, tired-one!

  7. SharkNose commented on Bloom County 15 days ago

    Pardon me for changing topic, but didn’t Steve Dallas revert back to his cynical, rude self at one point? Or did I miss that story arc?

  8. SharkNose commented on W.T. Duck 16 days ago

    Wait a minute… I didn’t hear the word “bird” nor the word “bee”.

  9. SharkNose commented on Rose is Rose 19 days ago

    How appropriate! I just had some slices of an “extra garlic” pizza!

  10. SharkNose commented on W.T. Duck 24 days ago

    Sometimes I think Apprentice Duck is smarter than his mentor.