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  1. CougarAllen commented on Peanuts 4 days ago

    What’s a nice kid like you doing in a place like this? (Sammy Davis Jr. as Voice of the Cheshire Cat)

  2. CougarAllen commented on The Academia Waltz 6 days ago

    He did learn better lettering, but by then he was out of college and drawing Bloom County.

    Panel 1: Say goodby Reuban… Your roommate can’t take the pressure-cooker pace of law school any longer….

    2: To hell with the high intensity competition…. Here’s my books … I won’t need them where I’m going….

    3: Don’t try to stop me Reuben…. I’ve already swallowed the pills…. Ya’ gonna miss me?

    4: (Sleeper thinking) No … but I bet I’ll miss my bottle of “Flintstone” vitamins….

    Wait .. Everything’s going dark….

  3. CougarAllen commented on One Big Happy 6 days ago

    hippogriff: Simon and Garfunkel did a take-off on the centuries old folk song, adding a second part and calling it “Scarborough Fair / Canticle.” They also left out more than half the verses….

  4. CougarAllen commented on Agnes 8 days ago

    Whoa! We saw part of Trout’s mom! I don’t think that’s ever happened before, has it?

  5. CougarAllen commented on Skippy 9 days ago

    I don’t comment much, but I love Skippy.

  6. CougarAllen commented on Emmy Lou 12 days ago

    Hmm … maybe my memory is deceiving me. It’s been a long time. I’ll go to youtube and do some listening.
    -Cougar :{)

  7. CougarAllen commented on Emmy Lou 13 days ago

    I forgot the software here does weird things when you punctuate with dashes. The crossed-out words above should not be crossed out.

  8. CougarAllen commented on Emmy Lou 13 days ago

    The Ray Conniff Singers were a commercial pop cover group - not fit to be mentioned with the greats in that list. Paul Butterfield’s first album was great; then he sank into alcoholism … but even with his brain half-poisoned with alcohol he still managed to produce some music. Quicksilver Messenger Service were great while they lasted - not long, but their music still holds up today. Emmy Lou seems to have been into some pretty edgy music. There’s a lot more real music than pop pablum in that list.

    It’s a little hard to take Dad seriously when he claims to have never heard of Bob Dylan in 1967 — and he’s reading a newspaper. No one who read newspapers could have never heard of Dylan, even if they never listened to music. There were plenty of people his age in 1967 America who had never heard of Paul Butterfield, but not Dylan or the Rolling Stones. He must be joking about some of that, exaggerating his ignorance.
    -Cougar :{)

  9. CougarAllen commented on Basic Instructions 20 days ago

    Occasionally he draws a new one, and we are all surprised. Remember when Rocket Hat folded his arms???

    Seriously, why should he bother? Today’s strip wouldn’t be any funnier. He’s already drawn them with the appropriate expressions, why do it over again?

    The boss should let him wear a tuxedo and a monocle to work so he could pretend he’s a butler.

    -Cougar :{)

  10. CougarAllen commented on That is Priceless 23 days ago

    Okay, I looked it up at Wikipedia. They sewed his head back on his body before they put it in the coffin.

    What’s the point of decapitating him if they’re only going to sew his head back on again???

    -Cougar :{)