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  1. Reppr commented on Arlo and Janis 3 days ago

    At least Arlo would have a target!

  2. Reppr commented on Shoe 3 days ago

    And so he received a standing ovulation from an adoring audience

  3. Reppr commented on Pearls Before Swine 3 days ago

    Rat must have pockets in his hide, because he has no PANTS!

  4. Reppr commented on Calvin and Hobbes 4 days ago

    You can ALWAYS write back. Of course, that doesn’t mean your past self will receive it.

  5. Reppr commented on Shoe 4 days ago

    Laxative? That would be a novel approach.

  6. Reppr commented on Get Fuzzy 4 days ago

    Potty mouth…Po’try mouth…Same thing?

  7. Reppr commented on Shoe 11 days ago

    Now there’s a novel concept – egg laying fowl with mammalian feeding apparatus.

  8. Reppr commented on The Duplex 13 days ago

    Call a welder!

  9. Reppr commented on Pearls Before Swine 13 days ago

    Short tempers? yes, I guess we do.
    Ever notice how short people ask you to get things off the top shelf for them but they get offended if you ask them to get something off the bottom shelf?

  10. Reppr commented on Pearls Before Swine 14 days ago

    Pig needs a new cartoonist. One who has studied the law (of cartoons).
    1. You can be suspended in the air, or even walk on air, until you become aware that there is nothing beneath your feet.
    2. You have to scream YAHAhahahahoooie all the way down.