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Wizard of Id

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  1. Luxurylife commented on Get Fuzzy about 7 hours ago

    R2, i agree i never thought id have to have my cat of 14.5 years put to sleep. I still suffer knowing it was the only real option. Baby suffered a embolism that paralized her from the shoulder blades down. When i came home from work she was screaming and throwing up. The baboon vet wouldn’t answer the emergency line 4 times so i took her to the vet hospital and they said the surgery would be excrutiating and have to be done again 6 months later. Horrible day, i truely despise people who joke or are serious about euthanizing pets as a way to take care of their situation of inconvience.

  2. Luxurylife commented on Bob the Squirrel 1 day ago

    LOL, ouch. Bob won that one.

  3. Luxurylife commented on Overboard 1 day ago

    The way i retrieve a lure hooked in a branch lol, the steak might just fly all that way. My boat friends duck when the lure gets free

  4. Luxurylife commented on Wizard of Id 3 days ago

    Need to get that old E.D 209 20 seconds paused and the played from robocop when one comes to the door lol

  5. Luxurylife commented on CowTown 5 days ago

    Oh good lord… That would make Richard Simons a Einstein for the video’s sweatin to the oldies.

  6. Luxurylife commented on Ink Pen 5 days ago

    Well well, two super heroes having good fun with fightin. Guess the phrase “When pigs fly” came true lol

  7. Luxurylife commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 5 days ago

    Tyan S8812 One unholy mother of a motherboard ram wise 640k nahhh lol it has half a terrabyte of ram and 4 16 core opterons chips.

  8. Luxurylife commented on Ozy and Millie 14 days ago

    well people don’t do something soon Monsanto will end up killing way too many bees with their genetically made pesticide plants. There’s a reason why they’ve been banned from 19 countries

  9. Luxurylife commented on Shoe 18 days ago

    neverenoughgold, it is sickenly true. Heres the link . http://www.khou.com/news/local/Man-says-apartment-complex-called-his-US-flag-a-threat-to-Muslim-community-263757051.html

  10. Luxurylife commented on Rose is Rose 20 days ago

    <~~~ Sam this is a custom design my family makes but its very successful. One time in the winter I thought nothing was in it and the wind was bad, I took it inside and a bird flew out lol that was a ever loving nightmare getting the bird out. But yeah there’s always families of birds in it, finches sparrows etc. Thought of a bird house to counter act the birds that go in every vent in the apt buildings, make one with a vent for the entrance that also has a window on the back that has 10% window tint so you can see in but the birds wont because there is more light in the house then coming in the birdhouse. Haven’t built that one yet