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  1. Jadugara commented on Endtown 10 months ago

    But wait,…one of the topsiders who changed in the original arc (when his suit got ripped) didn’t become a mindless monster mutant when he changed while awake… He became something small inside his suit,..but he was clearly saying “Kill me, Kill me” up until the moment his friend stepped on him…

  2. Jadugara commented on Endtown 11 months ago

    Woah! Pretty hardcore!

  3. Jadugara commented on My Cage Classics about 1 year ago

    I LOVE the “epic gut shot” in panel 2….

  4. Jadugara commented on Endtown over 1 year ago

    OK,…there’s another dude with a “dot” on his right shirt breast just like Wally… What the heck is UP with that symbol? I remember it being mentioned before awhile back, and that it would be explained… Did I miss the explanation somehow?

  5. Jadugara commented on Endtown over 1 year ago

    It’s apparent the dittos have the power to “link up” and communicate directly with one another (perhaps electrically, based on their physical connection), and create a network of information that allows them to conspire together to create a large singular display…. Perhaps, in the case of the “invisibility”, it’s merely the dittos on one side of whatever they’re placed on instantly communicating what they’re seeing to those dittos on the opposite side, who then display that data, while simultaneously communicating what they’re seeing back… Thus, whoever looks at dittos on one side, sees the pixel-display of the real-time data being recorded on the exact opposite side, and vice-versa… Merely a more advanced version of the simplistic “hole in the chest” trick done with an I-pad strapped to a person’s stomach (under a shirt with a big hole in it) displaying an image of what the camera strapped to that same person’s back is seeing on the other side. It makes it look, to the people in the front, like they’re lookinh through a “hole” at the scenery behind the person… I think there are You-tube videos depicting it… Quite cool! I also recall there are researchers, even now, attempting to develop some sort of “invisibility cloak” based on that technology, which might end up being used to cloak soldiers in the field…

  6. Jadugara commented on My Cage Classics over 1 year ago

    I was never lucky enough to catch this strip while it was in the papers, but I gotta say, I’m really glad you guys decided to run this online… It’s a seriously great strip, with some really memorable characters… Good stuff!

  7. Jadugara commented on My Cage Classics over 1 year ago

    Rice,…pasta,…potatoes,…it’s ALL starch,….which converts easily into nasty, nasty sugars…

  8. Jadugara commented on Endtown over 1 year ago

    What about the Mayor in all of this? I’m surprised he even allowed the lynching to happen…

  9. Jadugara commented on Endtown over 1 year ago


  10. Jadugara commented on Endtown over 1 year ago

    Oh hell,…I was afraid of this…