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That is Priceless by Steve Melcher

That is Priceless

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  1. ewalnut commented on Rose is Rose 4 days ago

    I wish they still sold CRT monitors. The LCD backlights of flatscreen monitors bother my eyes more than CRT’s at 85Hz ever did.

  2. ewalnut commented on Rip Haywire 5 days ago

    I want to see what Maddog’s ex looks like. I wonder if she used some sort of “health-sucking” apparatus on him.

  3. ewalnut commented on Rose is Rose 7 days ago

    Might be interesting to see this from the spider’s point of view.

  4. ewalnut commented on Jump Start 10 days ago

    Better make sure part of Klondike Ike isn’t on the other side of the coupon.

  5. ewalnut commented on For Better or For Worse 13 days ago

    Elizabeth has a conundrum — either she rats out her brother or she refuses to answer her Mom’s question. She seems to have found a solution. Yes pointing will do just fine — this time.

  6. ewalnut commented on Luann 13 days ago

    So we have to imagine Luann saying that in an imitation “Groucho voice.” It makes more sense that way.

  7. ewalnut commented on F Minus 13 days ago

    So she’s dumping sugar on her steak?
    Or is that a piece of burnt toast?

  8. ewalnut commented on Heavenly Nostrils 16 days ago

    I’m surprised Phoebe doesn’t retaliate by calling Dakota Da-Cootie.

  9. ewalnut commented on Pickles 16 days ago

    Dog toothpaste comes in a can?

  10. ewalnut commented on FoxTrot Classics 18 days ago

    Hard to believe they didn’t think of potato chips until now.