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  1. Punished Snake commented on Just Say Uncle about 23 hours ago

    @Dan Pavelich
    Dan, is this supposed to be a joke? I’m already tear-stricken by the apathy, insensitivity, impatience and ignorance of my own generation, forget the successive ones. Am I the only person left who recognises and uses a mailbox?

  2. Punished Snake commented on Zen Pencils about 23 hours ago

    @Zen Pencils
    Gavin-sama, I wept at the memory of the man who has been my childhood hero, upon whose passing I shaved off my long hair. I had seen your previous Invictus render about schoolyard bullying and silently remembered Dr. Seuss’ timeless classic “I Had Trouble In Getting to Solla Sollew”, a classic tale about overcoming hardships and bullying, seething with rage as the schwachkopfen who frequent this site spouted lies and platitudes below your page.

    Today, seeing your rendition of Madiba and his mantra, I can only weep with gratitude and rememberance.

  3. Punished Snake commented on Kitchen Capers about 23 hours ago

    @David Banks
    Always thankful for something for my vegetarian friends, David. (Any way I can do this in reverse, and stuff the potatoes with the peppers instead?)

  4. Punished Snake commented on Badlands 5 days ago

    @Steve McGarry
    Steve, I can’t believe that you actually drew an outfit that can flatter even Belle.

  5. Punished Snake commented on Cheap Thrills Cuisine 6 days ago

    I saved this one the first time around. It works a treat.

  6. Punished Snake commented on Kitchen Capers 8 days ago

    @David Banks
    I hate to be the one to call time out, David, but…

    There’s no mention of what quantities of dal (lentils) you’re supposed to use,

    ‘Both’ does not apply when there are three of a certain ingredient,

    225 grams of cinnamon is enough to fill a cup.

    Can you see to these?

  7. Punished Snake commented on Just Say Uncle 11 days ago

    @Dan Pavelich
    What is that thing doing out of the scrap heap? And after all its flaws, why does Norm still hold on to it?

  8. Punished Snake commented on Cheap Thrills Cuisine 14 days ago

    This was designed for tasteless fish, such as ‘basa’.

    I saved this one the first time around, but why is it being run on a Tuesday?

  9. Punished Snake commented on Kitchen Capers 15 days ago

    @David Banks
    Seems remarkably similar to your earlier guacamole, David. Why did you do a repeat last week?

  10. Punished Snake commented on Poptropica 18 days ago

    I was born three years before Need for Speed debuted and I love a lot of the old arcade classics dearly.

    As I grew older, I cut my teeth on Half-Life, Splinter Cell and Jedi Academy (action), Midnight Club II (racing), Dungeon Siege and Baldur’s Gate (RPG) and Warcraft III and Battle Realms (strategy)…and I also developed taste for rare art pieces like Infernal, Sid Meier’s Pirates, Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, Heroes of Might and Magic, and one of my prized gems, Second Sight…and a few good GTAs, too.

    Now, I’m in the middle of a PSP throwback with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Midnight Club III, Gun: Showdown, Burnout Legends, and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge. (Can you believe I’m getting paid to find out how to incorporate games into academia?)

    (Look these gems up on Gamespot and Wikipedia. They’re classic.)