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  1. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 7 days ago

    I think that would be music with rocks in…

  2. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 13 days ago

    I actually liked the 1940 version better than the Rachel Welch remake (or the Ringo Starr parody[?})

  3. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 15 days ago

    Any bets on which one of the four flies the helicopter?

  4. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 15 days ago

    Furry shorts? Well, what’s so strange about that…this is southern California, isn’t it?

  5. rdmacgregor commented on Get Fuzzy 18 days ago

    In panel 2 is Satch considering whether to answer Bucky’s question or not?

  6. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 19 days ago

    I think Moshe realizes that he needs to keep his mind on escape and his alertness level will be adversely affected by having Lisette in front of him.

  7. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 26 days ago

    I think the medallions were provided after the adventures with Dave Wowee from the future.

    As for an adventure together, I think Alley might have in mind exploring the darkest reaches of his cave with Oola.

  8. rdmacgregor commented on Alley Oop 28 days ago

    Or maybe a stunt double? Oh wait, maybe its like the Phantom where the guy behind the mask isn’t the same one from a generation or two back.

  9. rdmacgregor commented on Get Fuzzy 29 days ago

    I think it is a stretch to call Alexander Graham Bell a Canadian. He was 23 when his family moved to Ontario from Scotland, but most of the work on the telephone prototypes (with James Watson) was in the US.

  10. rdmacgregor commented on Tarzan 29 days ago

    If they are kept caged all the time, I can’t imagine that they are able to hone their muscles very well…compared to Tarzan, anyway.
    Also, I can’t imagine a surgical way to improve the intelligence of wildlife enough for them to communicate intelligibly…assuming the Doc could surgically make them capable of talking.
    That guy could make a fortune in plastic surgery!