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  1. bmdnut commented on Rabbits Against Magic 21 days ago


    I am an atheist.

    If I would object to someone doing something, I tend not to do it. That seems to work OK as a valid basis for right and wrong as I see it.

    I don’t rely on millennia old philosophy shaped by the ignorance and bigotry of a bygone age as a guide – how is a text written to cement power and privelege for a few a more valid basis for right and wrong?

  2. bmdnut commented on Little Dog Lost about 1 month ago

    @Jo – then LD remembered he’s a dog… and there’s a squirrel in range …

  3. bmdnut commented on Dogs of C-Kennel about 1 month ago

    @Jo Clear:

    Two noxious and disgusting options…

    Midterms (think elections – USA)…

  4. bmdnut commented on Non Sequitur 5 months ago

    Sorry, mate, it’s not about you – it’s about the one in authority you told “It’s not about you”.

  5. bmdnut commented on Red and Rover 6 months ago

    Very appropriate – Rover’s rebelling against the British!

  6. bmdnut commented on Wizard of Id 6 months ago

    You ain’t seen nuthin yet – wait till you get a look at the homes of the ones PAYING the lobbyists ;-)

  7. bmdnut commented on Red and Rover 7 months ago

    @ cartoon critic – if you upgrade your car, do all unmodified versions disappear? Just because one branch of a species adapts to a particular niche (in this case, living with humans) does not mean those not in that niche will be affected.

  8. bmdnut commented on PC and Pixel 7 months ago

    Locker 54289.5?

  9. bmdnut commented on Little Dog Lost 10 months ago

    Someone’s still looking, LDL

  10. bmdnut commented on Adam@Home 10 months ago

    Wearing current employers apron, sitting in a booth in their store, pitching a business agreement that would set him up in direct competition with that current employer…

    Run, Adam – who wants to be associated with that sort of loyalty and integrity. I wonder if he’s even “on the clock” getting paid for the time he’s putting into this pitch?