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Stone Soup by Jan Eliot

Stone Soup

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  1. specinss commented on Cathy 4 months ago

    Good morning Cathy Clan!
    Keep what you want to keep and give what you want to. Your true friends like you for what you are not what you give.

  2. specinss commented on Wizard of Id 4 months ago

    What about after Holiday returns/sales????

  3. specinss commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 months ago

    Pastis took the Jumble up a notch. He made the scramble words make a sentence about Pearls (untrue statement)!

  4. specinss commented on Lio 4 months ago

    Lio generally likes it scary. In fact the scarier the better!

  5. specinss commented on FoxTrot Classics 4 months ago

    Too mean. Jason, don’t you know Santa is watching you!

  6. specinss commented on Cathy 4 months ago

    Good morning everyone! LOL. My son just brought me into this century by replacing my antique flip phone with an out dated iphone. He upgraded and gave me his old one. I love it.

  7. specinss commented on B.C. 4 months ago

    Where is the compression bow? That arrow had to go for miles!

  8. specinss commented on Luann 6 months ago

    Candy holidays…Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, then long dry spell.

  9. specinss commented on Fort Knox 6 months ago

    True Colors

  10. specinss commented on Stone Soup 6 months ago

    How about handing Val the rake and turning the job over to her? Why should you rake her yard and Val just sit back and watch you? Something is very wrong with this scenario.