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  1. don57 commented on La Cucaracha about 1 hour ago

    Yeah, the Ghost Dance Shirts didn’t work out so well for the Native Americans at Wounded Knee (or for that matter for the 20 or so U.S. troops that were killed by the crossfire from their fellow soldiers). Point well taken on the John Wayne movies though.

  2. don57 commented on La Cucaracha about 2 hours ago

    The Battle of Greasy Grass (Little Big Horn) was fought because gold miners were encroaching into the Black Hills, an area that the plains tribes held sacred and which had been promised to them by the United States government for “as long as the wind blows and the grass grows”. Custer assumed that the battle would be another route like he had experienced at the Washita River massacre, unfortunately he was proven wrong. Now name 2 other battles that Native Americans fought and won against the forces of the United States (John Wayne movies don’t count).

  3. don57 commented on La Cucaracha about 3 hours ago

    Time to make tacos for dinner – Happy freakin’ Thursday everybody!

  4. don57 commented on La Cucaracha about 7 hours ago

    I never implied that the FACTS were (or could possibly be) racist, I did however imply that they were the sort of FACTS that racist people like to hide behind – if the shoe fits, wear it.

    As to your argument being a non-sequitur I repeat my question: how does the FACT that Native American people engaged in warfare amongst themselves forgive their wholesale slaughter and displacement by Europeans? One thing has nothing to do with the other and by definition that’s a non-sequitur argument.

  5. don57 commented on La Cucaracha about 11 hours ago

    Massa indiethink wrote:

    This argument is similar to the one used by many racists: “AFRICANS HISTORICALLY ASSISTED SLAVERS AND ENSLAVED OTHER AFRICANS” Yes, since Native American (and African) tribes viewed themselves as independent nations rather than as the homogeneous mass that most Europeans viewed them there were wars between nations – much like the English and the French of the same period. Does this really prove that Native Americans were better off after Europeans spread disease and forced them off their ancestral lands? Is that your white sheet poking out there indie or do you just enjoy non-sequitur arguments?

  6. don57 commented on La Cucaracha 8 days ago

    “What do you want him to do, get in a truck and personally drive them back to where they came so they can be killed? "

    No, I’m sure ORMouseworkd is much more impressed by governors and pundits who cruise the Rio Grande with machine guns

  7. don57 commented on Non Sequitur 11 days ago

    wonder if the fish would let some of us back in

  8. don57 commented on La Cucaracha 11 days ago

    Exactly! Just another brick in the wall of stupid – I’m trying to keep my resolution to stop pounding my head against it

  9. don57 commented on La Cucaracha 12 days ago

    And now indiethink has surpassed 200 comments in the La Cucaracha comment section in less than 4 months. I’m with agrestic, why are you so dyspeptic?

  10. don57 commented on La Cucaracha 14 days ago

    28% of Louisiana republicans blame President Bush for the response for hurricane Katrina while 29% blame President Obama (Katrina took place in 2005, long before Mr. Obama was President) he is also being blamed for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – now do you get the joke? Even the current issue of refugee children crossing the border seeking asylum is the result of a law that was signed into effect by President Bush.