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  1. foofinho commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 days ago

    Loved it!

  2. foofinho commented on Betty 21 days ago

    I have one of those I got a souvenir from Lion Country Safari

  3. foofinho commented on Betty 23 days ago

    I’m glad we got one, although it does startle me if I forget the other toilet doesn’t have one. :-)

  4. foofinho commented on B.C. 23 days ago

    I remember a squirrel that i nicknamed “daredevil” because it waited for the exact moment that it could run in front of my car and at the same time run in front of another car on the other side of the street coming the other way (This was a 2-lane street). The speed limit was about 40 so it didn’t have a lot of time to get across. The squirrel was able to run in front of my car and in front of the other car on the other side and as far as I know, made it to the other side of the road.

  5. foofinho commented on Betty about 1 month ago

    There’s the joke about the man being chastised by a loudspeaker from the clubhouse about teeing off at the ladies tee. Then he turns around and shouts back, “Will you be quiet and let me hit my SECOND shot!” :-)

  6. foofinho commented on Dilbert Classics about 1 month ago

    In 1991 I had 4 telephone line networked MacIntoshes that all shared a laser printer. Did desktop publishing, games, writing, financial tracking, email and some programming. And we had one PC too.

  7. foofinho commented on Tom Toles 2 months ago

    Amem to that

  8. foofinho commented on Frank & Ernest 3 months ago

    Don’t forget General Fault!

  9. foofinho commented on Joel Pett 3 months ago

    You’re right. Women have more protection than men do here.

  10. foofinho commented on Gary Varvel 3 months ago

    All presidents take credit for anything good that happens on their watch, we might as well give them credit for the bad too!