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  1. thehag commented on Rose is Rose 2 days ago

    Thomas Crown would bring out my leather persona love the contrast. With, of course, Windmills of Your Mind

  2. thehag commented on Diamond Lil 3 days ago

    My first one I told him we were doing it wrong. We had to do it like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans!

  3. thehag commented on Rubes 4 days ago

    The tie is not symmetrical nor the floorboards and you can’t see enough of the couch to know for sure.

  4. thehag commented on Rubes 5 days ago

    Hey the flowers are symmetrical which is funny as they rarely are naturally.

  5. thehag commented on The Other Coast 5 days ago

    This is the best strip. One of a very few that I make the time to read every day. Thank you Adrian Raeside.
    Great comments today.

    As difficult as it is in the end, I will always have room for dogs in my life.

  6. thehag commented on The Other Coast 5 days ago


  7. thehag commented on Dog Eat Doug 8 days ago

    Not just puppies, dog paws too. So long as they haven’t been walking in something …uh…aromatic.

  8. thehag commented on The Martian Confederacy 9 days ago

    Thanks for this. I like this comic/graphic serial.

  9. thehag commented on B.C. 9 days ago

    I love Jimmy Durante, what a guy! “Ha cha cha cha cha!” And that movie, still funny as hell.

  10. thehag commented on Barney & Clyde 11 days ago

    Funny how he started out looking like a cross between Dracula and Spock.