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  1. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 7 days ago

    To Crispy Bacon and anybody who is enjoying my Alley Oop Glarb story that rgcviper has been posting: if you would like to be on my email list to receive other stories like this, please send me a note at larrythorowitz@yahoo.com

  2. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 23 days ago

    Tribly stirs in Lola’s arms.
    And then goes perfectly still for a moment.
    And then hops out.
    Nobody really notices or cares.
    But Lola knows. She’s felt it too.
    Tribly scurries through the crowd, just out of the area, and begins burrowing.
    He emits a sound for help, and two of his friends, not far away, hear it and begin burrowing towards him.

    This is a wonderful start, but they will not be able to pierce the Glarb metallic coffin. Their teeth and claws would break first.

    And ten feet below, Alley Oop stirs.
    He is not dead yet, but he is close.
    And things are about to get a lot worse.

    As consciousness returns to Alley’s mind his eyes flutter open.
    At least he thinks his eyes are open, but there is no light.
    Is he dead?
    Somewhere in Alley’s mind a tiny little seed of horror is born, but not yet acknowledged.

    He rethinks the last moments that he can remember.
    He was fighting Torka – and winning. Just about to anyway.
    And then, nothing but agonizing pain.
    Electric pain.
    They had turned his collar on.
    Oh, my God, they had turned his collar on to keep him from winning!
    He was on the verge of winning his friends’ freedom, they were all going to go home. Torka was going to sleep courtesy of his rear naked choke hold, when Torka made some kind of gesture and they activated his collar. Those lousy stinking, cowardly, cheaters!!

    The little seed grows larger.

    And what had happened next?
    Alley vaguely remembers Torka kicking him while he was writhing around being electrocuted.
    And that’s all he remembers – he must have blacked out then.
    And Alley just now realizes how much pain he’s still in.
    It hurts everywhere.
    The little horror seed grows larger still and starts making its way toward the front of Alley’s mind.

    Alley reaches this way and that and realization quickly dawns on him.
    He is…confined.
    In a box.
    And it is stuffy.
    And then the horror steps up and clearly introduces itself.
    And Alley realizes he is buried alive in a coffin and the air is quickly running out!!

  3. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 24 days ago

    Back on Earth 2, all the statues now have crystals floating over their tops. A laser beam is connecting five of the statues now. Two more to go. The situation is dire. One of their “own” is in peril.

    Lola’s emotions, running so high, having seen Alley Oop buried alive (twice), have triggered this fantastic phenomenon. For she and Alley and Tribly (and even Wizer though he’s been long dead) have all shared Lola’s incredible blood at one point or another (http://www.gocomics.com/alley-oop/2012/04/11). And if anything at all can be done by thought, it will get done, if only they can complete the circle.

    The people chant and focus.
    “We love you”
    “We can help”
    “Feel us”
    “You must survive”

    PZZzzzaaattt! The laser beam comes shooting out of the end crystal through the last two!!
    All seven statues are now humming in unison with floating crystals connected by a laser beam!!

    An enormous wrenching noise is heard unlike anything ever heard before on the planet!
    The statues are moving!
    Twisting, turning, and unbelievably, rising up!!!!

    All seven gigantic statues, hovering, with their glowing crystal laser beams, rising up and up, fifteen feet into the air!! The people are astonished but cannot and do not stop their chanting. And the statues start to swing!

    And they start to revolve around the people on the laser beam that connects them and their crystals.
    Slow at first, then faster and faster.
    And faster yet.
    Until you cannot see one from the other.
    And the humming approaches a roar!
    And the people start levitating a few inches above the ground!!

    The statues are spinning around on the laser beam so fast, some type of energy begins to form in the center where the people are chanting. And from that energy, combined with the overwhelming love and desire to help, an element of pure sentobly is formed.
    And then, out from the center of this spinning, beaming, circle of mind, shoots thought wave after thought wave. So powerful it’s even just barely visible as a wisp of wavering photons.


  4. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 25 days ago

    The Glarbs have just started filling in the grave when amazingly, Gritzel seems to have a change of heart!
    “Clear the dirt off and bring him up!”

    To Ooola’s utter joy and relief she sees them bringing up Alley and opening the lid.
    “Oh, thank God! Thank God!”

    Grizel says something to Jeffrey and he disappears for a moment, then returns with what looks like a rectangular metal box with an air tight lid.
    The guards lift Alley, still motionless, out of the crate.

    “Put him in here instead, “ orders Gritzel, “and without the axe. And make sure it’s locked and sealed.”
    To Ooola’s horror she watches as Alley is now placed in an air tight metal coffin, without his axe.
    And now Alley, sealed within his new coffin, is lowered once again to the bottom of his ten foot grave.
    Seeing Alley now buried alive for the second time, Ooola can take no more and faints in utter grief and despair.
    Lola is crying too. As are the rest of Alley’s few friends, amongst the thousands of cheering Glarbs.
    The dirt is shoveled back on top until the grave is filled.

    Two guards then use compactors to pack the soil as tight as it can be.
    And this time, there is no order from Gritzel to bring it back up.

    And there Alley remains, in a sealed metal coffin.
    Unconscious, barely alive, at the bottom of a ten foot grave, on the hostile planet of Glarb, with very little air left.

  5. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Hey, viper, you left out this part in your last posting:

    Kluco leads Tica to the experiment room and starts to explain some of the experiments.
    “This one tests cold fusion. This one is for testing the olfactory senses…"
    “Excuse me, Kluco, but what is this for?” she points to one of the jars for the olfactory experiments.
    “It contains a chemical that you use to mix the spray, xeryxyium.”
    “That word is not translating. What are the chemical properties?”
    Kluco tells her.
    “Fascinating!” Tica exclaims.
    “It uses just the right amount of stable and not-stable isotopes,” Tica mutters, lost in thought.
    “Just the right amount of isotopes for what?”
    Tica holds up her hand, she doesn’t want questions now, she is thinking.

  6. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 3 months ago

    “The more time devoted to developing a story is the type of thing that a person with a mature mind appreciates”

    So are you saying that the slower the story the better it is, but only mature minds can see that? Come on. A story has to be told at the right pace where you build up excitement and develop the characters.

    This sludge the Benders put forth each day is an insult to its readers – even the mature and intelligent ones! They have changed the strip to make its lead character look like a bumbling fool all too often, and the stories are frequently lame with many loose ends when the arc ends.

    If you’re doing a lousy job and your audience calls you on it you should make an effort to do better. I don’t see this happening with the Benders.

  7. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 4 months ago

    Thanks for posting my story, viper. But you skipped one day since yesterday! Here is the skipped part:

    “You have enjoyed your meal, yes,” the lead Glarb observes.
    “Now you will come with us and start your day. The females will go with Kreeztilblib here. You two follow Gruggin. And you my big friend, we have special plans for you, you will follow me,” he says to Alley.
    Our friends reluctantly obey, how can they do anything else with those controlling collars?
    They are all led in different directions to start their lives of slavery.

    Their ship has been deposited in a large air strip kind of field, with many other captured vessels.
    Kluco remains inside still undetected.
    He has no weapons and no ideas at the moment as to how to save his crew.
    Outside he hears noises. The Glarbs are circulating through the air strip, going in and out of vessels, looking for valuables. Soon they will be here.
    Not only is Kluco fearful of being captured and possibly deactivated, or worse, scrapped, he is also afraid the Glarbs might strip the ship or damage it in such a way they can never take off again.

    Things have never looked so bleak.

  8. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 4 months ago

    Hey Viper – thanks for posting my stories. Can you please read your email?

  9. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 6 months ago

    Hi, Puzzle – I just decided not to continue. I didn’t think there was much interest. And I suspect some comments about my strip were being deleted.

  10. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 6 months ago

    The spray has worn off and our friends realize that they can move now. But they are extremely wary of their horrible collars.
    “What do you want?” demands Alley.

    “Allow me first to introduce ourselves,” the lead Glarb says.
    “I am the leader, Gritzel! This is Viazog, Ritzkovich, Kreekzlitz, and Zeemer.”
    Oscar notices that there was one Glarb that was not introduced.
    “How about him?” asks Oscar.
    “Oh, him, that’s Jeffrey,” answers Gritzel.
    Jeffrey waves.
    “Stop that!” demands Gritzel.

    “You will come back to our planet with us and be our slaves for the rest of your lives,” Gritzel explains. “Which will be very short if you do not cooperate,” he finishes.
    “Never” says Ooola.
    Gritzel points a small hand-held device at her and she drops to the floor in pain.
    Alley tries to rush him but he too finds himself on the receiving end of the device and can only join Ooola in writhing on the floor.
    “You will obey or I will kill you one by one as the rest of you watch.”