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  1. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 3 days ago

    Theresa, a while back it was mentioned that even though Tica and Kluco cover their tracks when going from ship to ship, a soft rain caused them to be slightly visible. So despite the fact that there’s a symbol on the ship showing it to have already been looted, the Glarbs got suspicious after seeing the tracks!

  2. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 9 days ago

    Well I removed the Smothers Brothers and Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean when Alley was fighting Torka in the holodeck. And I changed some of Torka’s dialogue. And I added a little more scenes when Alley is getting chased by the Godzilla fish, but I haven’t given that part to viper yet.

  3. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 11 days ago

    The mark is still there affixed to the ship. But the tracks in the dirt are pretty suspicious, and brand new. The Glarbs must investigate! And they are going to go through the entire ship looking for whomever could have left them!!

  4. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    “That must have been a horrible experience you’ve been through, Mr. Oop.”

    “The worst,” says Alley, “You can call me Alley.  I can’t believe you were on th’ way t’ rescue me?”

    “We were.  We started digging that tunnel before the finals and guessed wrong.  When Gritzel had you fight in the holodeck we had to change directions and guess where you might be.  Again we were wrong, but close enough to find you.”

    “I really appreciate that, everyone.  And for th’ food and everything.  But owe most of my thanks t’ Tribly and his friends.”

    “The Tribbles!  That was amazing that they were digging tunnels for you!  They are highly intelligent. And have secrets I hear. How did you communicate with them?”
    “I’m not sure,” Alley says honestly.
    “They just seemed to know what t’do, and even where I was.  I felt their thoughts in my head.”
    “But how did they tear up that metal coffin like that?” asks Lateedril.

    “They didn’t.  That was me.  I used this.” He holds up his broken collar.
    They are astounded at Alley’s bravery and resourcefulness.
    “That’s absolutely amazing.  You were not the first to be buried alive.  But you’re the first to escape.”
    “There’s been others?”

    “One before you that we know of.  We couldn’t get to him in time.  We think he died of heart failure soon after being buried.  It’s only recently Gritzel started this burying thing because the audience really seems to enjoy it.”

    “Animals!” exclaims Alley.  “I’m going t’ teach that Gritzel and Torka a lesson they’ll never forget! ”
    “We will help you get there.  But allow me to tell our story…”

  5. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    “We have much to tell you, as I’m sure you have much to tell us,” Borman starts out.
    “I’ll be happy t’ tell you everything, but can I please have a little food first?”
    “Of course, how thoughtless of us. Why don’t you have a nice meal and bath and then we can talk?!”

    Delicious food is laid out and Alley has a wonderful meal. Afterwards he is ushered to the bathroom and proceeds to take a much needed bath. As he sits soaking himself in the warm water he reflects on his recent horrifying experience of being buried alive.

    “Hah – I got out of that one, Torka, and now I’m coming for you!” he thinks to himself. “No mercy will be shown – I’m gonna flat out kill you and make you suffer!” he thinks with the utmost determination.

    A tiny flit of a thought passes through his head that his adventures were sure a lot easier when the Benders were writing him. Worrying about who is Lola and who is Ooola was a lot easier than escaping from a sealed coffin and clawing his way out of a grave! He will have to settle the score with this insane new author one of these days, but this thought passes by so fast he never really gets a chance to consider it.

    He finishes his bath, puts on new clothes laid out for him, and goes downstairs to join his new friends.

  6. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Whoops, somehow the Glarb post ended up on yesterday’s comments. Teresa, just go to yesterday and scroll to the bottom.

  7. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Viper is away and is having trouble with internet connection so I will do the posting until he returns!

  8. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Alley follows Lateedril down, past his coffin, and then down a little more at a gradual decline. They continue crawling for another ten minutes with the Tribbles following them. Lateedril notices this.
    “Are they friends of yours?”
    “Yes. They are great friends!” Alley says. “They helped save my life.”
    “Really?! We always suspected that Tribbles were intelligent. But the only thing we really know about them is that they make us feel good when they purr.”
    “They also make you feel good when they help you dig out of your grave and then feed you berries!”
    “They brought you berries?”
    And right on cue, the three Tribbles scurry up and offer some to Alley and Lateedril.
    “That’s fantastic! Thank you so much,”

    Lateedril says.For a Glarb, Lateedril is smaller, and his skin is less bumpy. And he talks differently. Not as authoritative or demanding. He has a kindness in his voice.
    The path starts leading upwards.
    “We are close,” says Lateedril.
    “How did you dig this tunnel so quickly?” Alley asks.
    “Oh, we started a while ago, when we heard about the finals of the tournament. We were thrown off a bit when the finals were moved to the virtual arena (holodeck) but we had a pretty good feeling how it would end. Nobody ever beats Torka. Your fate was sealed from the beginning.”
    “I’m gonna kill him if it’s th’ last thing I do.”
    “I hope you do. He’s been totally absorbed. He can never come back.”
    The tunnel has been slanting upward for a while, and Alley sees that it ends shortly up ahead, with a closed door at the top of the tunnel and steps leading up.
    Lateedril knocks three times, then once, then twice. The trap door opens and Alley and Lateedril climb up through the floor of a domesticile into the cellar.
    “Lateedril – you did it! You saved him!”
    “Actually he was already out when I finally found him.”
    “Really? Mr. Oop are you all right? Please follow me upstairs into the kitchen and we’ll get you fed,” says Ritha.

    And it is a most unusual circumstance for Alley Oop.
    There are six Glarbs, four males, two female, all being nice to him.
    He follows them upstairs out of the cellar, into the kitchen, where he has a long, cold, absolutely delicious drink of water.
    One of the females introduces herself:
    “I am Ritha, Mr. Oop, how are you? You were wonderful in that fight!”
    “Mr. Oop I am Borman, and this is Krexlin, Tocksoon, Thermil, and Gutstaff, and you’ve already met Lateedril.”
    “Hi, everybody. Before you tell me what’s going on, can I have another drink of water?”
    “Absolutely. Please sit down over here Mr. Oop. Ritha, get Mr. Oop some food and water! Here come sit out here.”

    Alley is led into the main room and offered a wonderful, comfortable chair to recline on.

  9. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    To Crispy Bacon and anybody who is enjoying my Alley Oop Glarb story that rgcviper has been posting: if you would like to be on my email list to receive other stories like this, please send me a note at larrythorowitz@yahoo.com

  10. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Tribly stirs in Lola’s arms.
    And then goes perfectly still for a moment.
    And then hops out.
    Nobody really notices or cares.
    But Lola knows. She’s felt it too.
    Tribly scurries through the crowd, just out of the area, and begins burrowing.
    He emits a sound for help, and two of his friends, not far away, hear it and begin burrowing towards him.

    This is a wonderful start, but they will not be able to pierce the Glarb metallic coffin. Their teeth and claws would break first.

    And ten feet below, Alley Oop stirs.
    He is not dead yet, but he is close.
    And things are about to get a lot worse.

    As consciousness returns to Alley’s mind his eyes flutter open.
    At least he thinks his eyes are open, but there is no light.
    Is he dead?
    Somewhere in Alley’s mind a tiny little seed of horror is born, but not yet acknowledged.

    He rethinks the last moments that he can remember.
    He was fighting Torka – and winning. Just about to anyway.
    And then, nothing but agonizing pain.
    Electric pain.
    They had turned his collar on.
    Oh, my God, they had turned his collar on to keep him from winning!
    He was on the verge of winning his friends’ freedom, they were all going to go home. Torka was going to sleep courtesy of his rear naked choke hold, when Torka made some kind of gesture and they activated his collar. Those lousy stinking, cowardly, cheaters!!

    The little seed grows larger.

    And what had happened next?
    Alley vaguely remembers Torka kicking him while he was writhing around being electrocuted.
    And that’s all he remembers – he must have blacked out then.
    And Alley just now realizes how much pain he’s still in.
    It hurts everywhere.
    The little horror seed grows larger still and starts making its way toward the front of Alley’s mind.

    Alley reaches this way and that and realization quickly dawns on him.
    He is…confined.
    In a box.
    And it is stuffy.
    And then the horror steps up and clearly introduces itself.
    And Alley realizes he is buried alive in a coffin and the air is quickly running out!!