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  1. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 5 days ago

    Hey Viper – thanks for posting my stories. Can you please read your email?

  2. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Hi, Puzzle – I just decided not to continue. I didn’t think there was much interest. And I suspect some comments about my strip were being deleted.

  3. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 2 months ago

    The spray has worn off and our friends realize that they can move now. But they are extremely wary of their horrible collars.
    “What do you want?” demands Alley.

    “Allow me first to introduce ourselves,” the lead Glarb says.
    “I am the leader, Gritzel! This is Viazog, Ritzkovich, Kreekzlitz, and Zeemer.”
    Oscar notices that there was one Glarb that was not introduced.
    “How about him?” asks Oscar.
    “Oh, him, that’s Jeffrey,” answers Gritzel.
    Jeffrey waves.
    “Stop that!” demands Gritzel.

    “You will come back to our planet with us and be our slaves for the rest of your lives,” Gritzel explains. “Which will be very short if you do not cooperate,” he finishes.
    “Never” says Ooola.
    Gritzel points a small hand-held device at her and she drops to the floor in pain.
    Alley tries to rush him but he too finds himself on the receiving end of the device and can only join Ooola in writhing on the floor.
    “You will obey or I will kill you one by one as the rest of you watch.”

  4. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 2 months ago

    “WE ARE THE GLARBS AND YOU ARE OUR PRISONERS!” the lead Glarb announces once again through his universal language translator.
    “You will be able to move soon but do not attempt to escape or be uncooperative in any way or you will get this!”
    He presses a button on his belt and Alley and his friends are instantly shocked and fall to the ground writhing in pain. He presses another button and the pain stops.

    Alley looks at him with eyes of unrivaled hate and determination.
    But also realizes he can only wait for the right moment.
    Hopefully an opportunity will present itself.
    It kills him to look at the paled and defeated faces of his friends without even having the opportunity to fight.

    But for now, they can only obey.

  5. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 2 months ago

    The terrible Glarbs are materializing right before their eyes!
    There are six of them.
    The air smells and wavers.
    Alley has his trusty axe in hand, ready for a fight.
    But just as the Glarbs materialize, at the same time they fire a spray from their belts that fills the air and makes it almost impossible to move.

    Alley tries to attack but the harder he tries the more resistance he’s met with just trying to walk. He cannot advance on them, it’s like walking in thick mud.
    The others suffer the same fate, except for Kluco, who managed to hide just before the Glarbs materialized.

    Our friends are reluctantly docile and completely immobile as the lead Glarb approaches each crew member one by one and fastens a collar around their neck.

    Up close they are indeed ghastly!
    They are somewhat humanoid except that their body looks to be plagued by tumors and bumps growing every which way. Their skin, if you can call it that, is grey/green with lesions and scabs and bumps growing out of other bumps.

    Their teeth are pointed and grimy. Their breath is revolting. As the head Glarb puts the last collar on he sneers at them. He mumbles something guttural and through his universal translator our captive friends hear a confident, “That should do it. You’ll be wearing these the rest of your lives!”, and the sick, raspy sound of a sadistic Glarbian chuckle.

  6. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 2 months ago

    The four alien ships have surrounded our friends. Kluco has opened a channel…
    “This is captain Kluco of Earth. We come in peace. Can you understand me? Come in pl…”
    “WE ARE THE GLARBS!” a terrible rough and mean alien voice fills their ship.

    Everybody is glaring at Sheldon.
    “Get us out of this!” demands Alley.
    Sheldon rushes to the controls.
    “Kluco, power up the trans warp drives as quick as you can!”
    Kluco starts over to the controls, when just then, their ship is filled with a terrible smell and the air burns.

  7. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 2 months ago

    Kluco, the fantastic robot pilot, has called the rest of the crew up to the bridge and told them the news.
    “We’re in another galaxy?!!” Oscar is shouting.
    “How far is that from my home?” asks Lola.
    “Too far,” says Alley.
    Ooola: “My God, Sheldon, what have you done to us?”
    Sheldon: “Now calm down, everyone, there’s no need to get so upset.”
    “All I need to do is tweak my calculations a bit and with another skip we can be right back in our own galaxy approaching Earth 2.”
    “Can be, or will be?” shouts Oscar.
    “Well one can never be certain about hyperspace.”

    On the view screen those white dots have grown a lot bigger. It’s clear now that there are four of them.
    Are they space ships headed their way? If yes, are they friend or foe? Oscar is looking at them and getting a sinking feeling.
    He points to the ever-growing white dots coming straight for them. “Is there a reason to get upset now, Dr. Cooper?!”

  8. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 2 months ago

    The ship arrives at its new destination and once again the crew must recover from the hyperspace skip. Kluco, always the first to recover, scans the instruments and cannot fathom their meaning. This couldn’t be right!!
    “Dr. Cooper, Dr. Cooper!!!”
    Sheldon is a little slower to recover, but is making his way over.
    “Okay, Kluco, I’m here, what is – GOOD LORD!!!”

    Sheldon and Kluco are looking at their current space coordinates with utter amazement.
    “How can this be??”
    “We’ve left the Milky Way?”
    “This can’t be right.”
    “Dr. Cooper, your modifications can’t be trusted to get us anywhere near our target!”
    “Oh, it’s just a little glitch. I can fix it.”
    “But we’ve left our galaxy!!”
    “Yeah, but not by too much. According to these readings we’re in Andromeda, just one galaxy over.”
    “I know. Isn’t it grand? Who could have ever envisioned it?”
    “Dr. Cooper we may all spend the rest of our days in space trying to get back. Even me, and my life span is 10,000 years!” exclaims Kluco.
    “Oh, don’t be such a drama queen,” Sheldon scolds him, “We’ve skipped this far I’m sure we can skip back. I just have to make a few adjustments.”

    Just then, the ship’s emergency system flickers on and off. The lights dim for a moment, the instruments spike and then return to normal.

    And in the distance can be seen the tiniest white dots that seem to be getting larger and larger very quickly.

  9. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 3 months ago

    What is this Larryh77 story all about and who are the Glarbs?
    This is an Alley Oop epic adventure that only a few know about.
    It’s an action packed tale that restores Alley Oop to the hero that he used to be with Hamlin and Graue. It puts Alley and his friends on the most amazing journey, encountering impossible odds. It puts the readers on the edge of their seats waiting breathlessly for the next day’s posting!

    The Glarbs are an alien race that enslave Alley and his friends on their planet and force them to be domestic servants. You will be introduced to, undeniably, the worst and greatest foe Alley has ever met, the sadistic and powerful Torka!!

    Alley’s experiences on this planet will blow your mind! You cannot believe how bad things can get and like a true hero, Alley can find the most ingenious escapes and solutions to the most horrible circumstances imaginable. In all of the eighty-something years Alley has been having adventures, there are none that match the terror and excitement of his encounter with the GLARBS!

    It takes about a year to run and I have skipped over a large part, the beginning before they get into space, which was posted two years ago. I am going to make this available later for those who wish to catch up.
    In the beginning, right now, it takes a little while to get going, but midway through, the story takes on an unbelievable pace with Alley and friends going from one cliff hanger to the next before roaring to the conclusion of his final encounter with Torka!

  10. larryh77 commented on Alley Oop 3 months ago

    It takes Sheldon a moment or two to adjust to reality, but he shakes it off and joins Kluco at the helm.
    “Good Lord!” he exclaims.
    “This isn’t quite what we expected, is it?” asks Kluco.
    “No, I think it’s much better.”
    “But our first skip wasn’t supposed to take us this far. And we’re not on course anymore.”
    “Bygones,” says Sheldon. “It’s worked better than anyone could have expected. All I have to do is recalculate for subsonic wormhole signatures and adjust the dark matter variants and we’ll be close to our target in just one more jump! The distance we’ve covered is fantastic!”
    “But are you sure you can trust your equations to land us closer to the target and not jump further away?”
    “Mr. Kluco, please leave the science of it to me.”
    They are so far from earth there is no way to ask mission control for approval. Kluco is forced to allow Sheldon another jump through hyperspace, hoping that things will work out.

    The crew is barely recovering when Kluco announces, “Okay, everybody remain strapped in. We are now attempting our second jump through hyperspace. According to Dr. Cooper this will be the last jump necessary and will deposit us close to Earth 2!”

    WHOOOSH!!! They’re off again!