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  1. halibaitor commented on Peanuts 11 days ago

    “What’s preventing him from doing the things he says?”

    You must be new here, am I right?

  2. halibaitor commented on B.C. 11 days ago

    Sorry, “genius.” The native Americans didn’t let most of them go to waste. They were diligent about drying the meat and tanning the hides, etc.

    The white man is the one that shot buffalo, took only the tongue, and left the remainder to rot. Sometimes they would also shoot dozens (or hundreds) for “sport” and took nothing. After all, they assumed there was an endless supply. Kinda like the passenger pigeon.

  3. halibaitor commented on Break of Day 25 days ago

    Or Haight Ashbury…

  4. halibaitor commented on Get Fuzzy about 1 month ago

    While the East coast was buried under feet of snow, the West coast is in it’s 4th year of a super-drought. Just last Sunday, there was a report about the snow pack just South of Tahoe. In a place where the snow is normally 66 inches deep at this time of year, the grass is getting green. (There is NO snow.)

  5. halibaitor commented on The Flying McCoys about 1 month ago

    Sorry, he didn’t say anything about hunting…

  6. halibaitor commented on Break of Day 3 months ago


  7. halibaitor commented on Get Fuzzy 3 months ago

    I have 2 cats. This happens to me every night…

  8. halibaitor commented on Dilbert Classics 3 months ago

    I think that’s already been done…

  9. halibaitor commented on Drabble 3 months ago

    I agree, it was STUPID!!!

    If you just HAD to throw a pass, why throw one to a guy standing on the goal line? Throw to someone running across the back of the end zone. SHEESH

  10. halibaitor commented on Peanuts 4 months ago

    Since that cartoon was drawn in 1968, Chuck would be at least in his mid 50’s…

    Probably divorced at least twice by now.