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  1. amaryllis2 commented on Red and Rover about 12 hours ago

    To leech his own.

  2. amaryllis2 commented on Candorville 4 days ago

    Perfectly done. Thank you for this. (Typed with tears in my eyes.)

  3. amaryllis2 commented on Rose is Rose 4 days ago

    The cats are just hanging around for the halibut.

  4. amaryllis2 commented on Non Sequitur 5 days ago

    @Caddy57: if your mortgage is underwater go to your tax assessor and ask for a reassessment on the value of the home. Only the ones that ask get it, but they do get it.

  5. amaryllis2 commented on The Duplex 5 days ago

    Bad grammar. Should be “I wish I were cooler.” Was with if would only refer to a specific time in the past.

  6. amaryllis2 commented on For Better or For Worse 6 days ago

    I found the best way to get a kid to eat a food was to simply put it in front of them and ignore any negative reaction. Don’t push, don’t say you have to taste a bite, just put it there and clean off the table when dinner is over. After the third time I did that, my fussy kid who wouldn’t touch salmon actually asked for the salmon while his older siblings’ jaws hit the floor.

  7. amaryllis2 commented on Overboard 6 days ago

    Love this one! Don’t forget the crew-tons.

  8. amaryllis2 commented on Rudy Park 13 days ago

    There’s been a disconnect for ages between pure research and the many millions it costs that companies are or aren’t willing to risk to try to bring those early results to market. And if there’s not a lot of money to be made to show for the risk their investors are looking at, they don’t back it. Dr. Denise Faustman of Harvard has a med that reverses Type 1 diabetes in mice and shows potential for other autoimmune conditions. It’s now in Phase II clinical trials only because patient advocacy groups helped fund it—it threatens a huge revenue stream of the insulin and pump manufacturers and they would not. (I’ve got a relative in Dr. Faustman’s study who has been very relieved and happy at how it’s working for her so far.)

  9. amaryllis2 commented on Rose is Rose 16 days ago

    @Sharon Hayes: I started buying the chili-oil-infused suet and my squirrels won’t go anywhere near the stuff. At all.

  10. amaryllis2 commented on Red and Rover 29 days ago

    Driving across Nevada, I tried to clean the bugsplat off my windshield while the car filled. The fluid evaporated the second it hit that glass and before I could wipe it across.