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  1. amaryllis2 commented on The Buckets about 14 hours ago

    @mightyfrog: I hear you, but my birds go through $60 worth of seed every month as it is. I could easily spend three times that if I fed everybody everything as much as they wanted.

  2. amaryllis2 commented on The Buckets 1 day ago

    Safflower seeds have capsaicin and the birds won’t mind and the squirrels won’t like it—but you’ll get fewer bird varieties. Don’t put out anything with millet in it: millet is the preferred food of the non-native house sparrows (sometimes called English sparrows), the hit men of the songbird world that murder all the eggs and nesting parents around their area in the spring with a beak through the brain or shell. No millet and you’re much less likely to have them move in.

  3. amaryllis2 commented on The Buckets 5 days ago

    And she didn’t come right back at him with, “You will”?

  4. amaryllis2 commented on Overboard 6 days ago

    Totally love this.

  5. amaryllis2 commented on Cul de Sac 6 days ago

    The ultimate threat, Mom.

  6. amaryllis2 commented on Rudy Park 7 days ago

    As they say in Texas, “Oops.”

  7. amaryllis2 commented on Rose is Rose 9 days ago

    Housecats decimate bird species—there’s a wren subtype that has gone extinct in most of the country with housecats as their main predator. Cats should be indoor cats, for their own longevity as well as the wildlife’s.

  8. amaryllis2 commented on Agnes 13 days ago


  9. amaryllis2 commented on Red and Rover 17 days ago

    I love it!

  10. amaryllis2 commented on The Buckets 17 days ago

    @Greg, I remember doing that. Faces somehow seem to be the easiest thing for the brain to start seeing in the patterns.