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  1. amaryllis2 commented on Cul de Sac 1 day ago

    And just why exactly is Petey hawking that idea?

  2. amaryllis2 commented on Arlo and Janis 7 days ago

    This is really cool. Thank you Arlo and SusanSunshine!

  3. amaryllis2 commented on The Buckets 8 days ago

    For us it would have been cream, we went through 14 gallons of milk a week when the kids were growing up. But I have so had this conversation with a teen!

  4. amaryllis2 commented on Rudy Park 9 days ago

    Isn’t Reed the college Steve Jobs dropped out of? He kept attending classes but the tuition had gotten to him.

  5. amaryllis2 commented on The Buckets 10 days ago

    I cannot tell you how much I love your strip, Mr. Cravens—thank you for this. A reminder to play peacemaker within and towards those around us.

  6. amaryllis2 commented on The Buckets 12 days ago

    I love it!

  7. amaryllis2 commented on Rudy Park 12 days ago

    Vox ran an article by a lawyer who represents those fleeing violence, and he says those who are traumatized often remember the details (address, date) wrong. Note that the subject of the Rolling Stone article asked to be removed from the article and the writer refused—on such a subject, that’s breaking journalism ethics. Then the subject asked the writer to at least fact-check, and she did not, and so the writer took her own failings and put all the societal blame on the victim. Source: Vox.com.

  8. amaryllis2 commented on Non Sequitur 12 days ago

    Laughed out loud. Too true, too true.

  9. amaryllis2 commented on Red and Rover 13 days ago

    Sharp intake of breath mixed with gratitude for this remembrance. I know a very elderly woman who is still here who bears witness of what she saw that day.

  10. amaryllis2 commented on FoxTrot 13 days ago

    The first one: the sun never gets higher than this much above the horizon and it’s cold out!