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  1. bigpuma commented on Frazz about 12 hours ago

    The handle, Scoonz, is one I borrowed from a favorite baseball player, Lance Berkman. A doughy, lumbering first baseman, the opposite of agile, he once told a writer who’d asked if he had a nickname that it was “Big Puma”. You know, chuckling at the irony, because a puma is sleek, powerful, quick, and graceful and Berkman couldn’t get out of his own way. I thought it was funny.

    I’d never had to come up with a username before and it’s the first thing I could think of. Never had to do it since, either. This is my one and only online forum.

  2. bigpuma commented on Frazz about 13 hours ago

    How about this: the “game” is Hit-Frazz-in-the-Face-Ball. Frazz has just heard the sudden thump! of the volley, and is startled: hands and eyebrows raised, right foot flat, as if to brake suddenly. Caulfield has tried to catch him off guard.

    If Frazz catches the ball, deflects or dodges it, Caulfield says, “Way to think fast.” If it bloodies his nose, Caulfiled says, “Oops.” And then he snickers up his shirtsleeve.

  3. bigpuma commented on Frazz about 15 hours ago

    Good luck with Ewal Doh, Scoonz. He’s slipperier than a greased weasel.

  4. bigpuma commented on Frazz about 16 hours ago

    That hasn’t worked out so well for certain members of the old San Diego Padres. The tobacco chewing, I mean.

  5. bigpuma commented on Frazz 1 day ago

    Hey, that’s using your head! Get Mallett to drop those five things and we’ll be off to a fine start.

  6. bigpuma commented on Frazz 1 day ago

    A good writer, Gaunt, doesn’t need to have his characters change this way and that, panel to panel, just to work a gag. It’s cheating. It’s weak. It’s lazy. It’s a deus ex machina. The guy should show the same discipline at the drawing board that he shows in his 5,000 miles-per-week runs.

  7. bigpuma commented on Frazz 1 day ago

    Hey, Scoonz, I’m all for people of any age showing that they understand and appreciate the sacrifices made on our behalf. But who knows what that kid is supposed to understand, feel or appreciate?

    She’s communicating in Mallett-speak. You know, that “absurd” and digressive manner of saying things in ways that no one would ever say any thing, ever, if not for the need to (clumsily) set up a bad joke.
    Is she upset about what she can and can’t remember? Is she concerned with how that will get worse in the future? Does she know what Memorial Day means? Does she really get what makes it stressful, and who finds it that way?

    The set-up is all over the place. It’s dishonest writing. It’s bad writing.

  8. bigpuma commented on Frazz 2 days ago

    I see a career in opera for this little monster. Highly neurotic and a yawning chasm of a mouth.

  9. bigpuma commented on Frazz 2 days ago

    You’re seven, kid. Go have a couple of hot dogs and some lemonade. Then run around in circles and collapse in a fit of giggling. Plenty of time later in life to say absurd things in service of a bad punchline.

  10. bigpuma commented on Frazz 5 days ago

    Take a breath, Gaunt, and try again. And try to have point, will ya?