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  1. bigpuma commented on Frazz 3 minutes ago

    As coarse as your style of expression is, you’ve finally made a point: The same words don’t mean the same things to everyone. What I take away from “Frazz” is usually different from the way others “get it”.

    And that’s why I’m out here: Because it’s so surprising to me that so few read the strip the way I do. I’m comparing notes, not trying to prove what I know relative to Mallett, or to anyone.

    Were your comments yesterday “about” you? Well, if you’re gonna gripe about a guy trying to show how bright he is and in the same post, you’re correcting another guy’s word usage, what does that tell us about you? If you can’t see the irony in it, then I can’t guess who can help you see it.

  2. bigpuma commented on Frazz about 22 hours ago

    Anyone you disagree with, “It’s label time!” That’s some rich intellectual integrity, baby. I bet you were a hoot during the Red Scare …

  3. bigpuma commented on Frazz about 22 hours ago

    Love it! The visual for “picking it clean” is a good one. When I think of that expression, I’m thinking of a ball hit hard, and an inflielder gloving it (backhand side, maybe?) on the short hop. Quick reflexes. A very apt expression.

  4. bigpuma commented on Frazz 1 day ago

    Interesting comment about someone trying to show he’s “brighter” than someone else, given that both paragraphs are all about you … trying to show you’re brighter than someone else.

    And how odd, the reference to anything “ironic”. Look up dramatic irony, then re-read your own post, then think for a minute.

    On second thought, forget it. You’ll never figure it out.

  5. bigpuma commented on Frazz 1 day ago

    Come on, Mallett! The old dame finally has a decent comeback, and you have to have the smart aleck janitor point out what a rarity it is? Sheesh. I guess things have to be evened out.

    Interestingly, Caulfield’s gag today was actually funny, related to learning, and not terribly obnoxious. How about that?!

  6. bigpuma commented on Frazz 2 days ago

    Dramatic irony. Fun!

  7. bigpuma commented on Frazz 3 days ago

    Great expression on Frazz’s face in the final panel. He looks a little sheepish to admit what a maniac he is. Nice change from the strident self-congratulation we usually see from these obsessed fitness nuts.

  8. bigpuma commented on Frazz 4 days ago

    Charm may be a factor. Kid’s got none.

  9. bigpuma commented on Frazz 5 days ago

    Last week, we saw fat, lazy people unable to make sense of phrases like, “We ran” and “I’m hungry” because Frazz’s work ethic was so far beyond their understanding. Now we get a little kid calling him “squirrely”. An alternative point of view, for a change, and a nice display of self-awareness.

    I like this one just fine.

  10. bigpuma commented on Frazz 6 days ago

    When going after those he disapproves of, or feels superior to — and that’s just about everyone on the planet — Ewal Doh likes to be as reductive as possible. In that way, he can be insulting in the broadest way possible. Specificity ain’t his bag.