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  1. bpullin commented on Real Life Adventures about 5 hours ago

    Go to an expensive college. Get your liberal arts degree. Amass thousands of dollars in loans. After all, Starbucks will always need baristas.

  2. bpullin commented on Break of Day about 5 hours ago

    Ferguson rats? Shouldn’t they be looting the kitchen?

  3. bpullin commented on Berger & Wyse about 5 hours ago

    Back in the 80’s this would have been called a Yuppie. Today, it’s a Hipster. My book, they are both phonies.

  4. bpullin commented on Bob the Squirrel about 5 hours ago

    “Gee Lezley, why so serious ?”

  5. bpullin commented on The Duplex 1 day ago

    Disgusting cookies.

  6. bpullin commented on Birdbrains 1 day ago

    Call the golf course and see if the pResident has a plan for this !!

  7. bpullin commented on Zen Pencils 1 day ago

    If you can’t figure out what he is trying to say, you just need to move on.

  8. bpullin commented on Buni 1 day ago

    Yet another good reason to drink it neat. Put it in the fridge if you want it chilled.

  9. bpullin commented on Bob the Squirrel 1 day ago

    Can’t stand the stuff. Tastes like burnt oil.

  10. bpullin commented on Wizard of Id 2 days ago

    After which, there will arise a new king. He rules with a phone and a pen from golf courses around the world. Circumventing the laws and Constitution he fraudulently swore he would protect.