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  1. bpullin commented on Working Daze about 8 hours ago

    Don’t miss your buddy Richard Madcow on PMSNBC. He/She/It has some race-baiting and class warfare for you to suck up.

  2. bpullin commented on Break of Day about 8 hours ago

    Just don’t take everything for granite.

  3. bpullin commented on The Flying McCoys about 8 hours ago

    Tis the season to be greedy.

  4. bpullin commented on Adam@Home about 8 hours ago

    Great movie about a guy who wants to commit suicide. He must have seen his bank account after his wife blew it on stupid gifts.

  5. bpullin commented on Working It Out about 8 hours ago

    Actually had something like that happen a few years ago. Lawyers are dumb.

  6. bpullin commented on Speed Bump 3 days ago


  7. bpullin commented on Speed Bump 3 days ago

    I never did this once. I knew better.

  8. bpullin commented on Thatababy 7 days ago

    The jumping washing machine would be much more fun.

  9. bpullin commented on Birdbrains 7 days ago

    Had my hopes up for a minute. Thought those people on his hood were stupid “hands up” protesters.

  10. bpullin commented on WuMo 8 days ago

    Then they put Owen over a chair, spanked him, and made him sit in the corner without dinner.