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  1. bpullin commented on Diamond Lil 1 day ago


  2. bpullin commented on The Sunshine Club 1 day ago

    The more you use a broker, the “broker” you’ll become.

  3. bpullin commented on Mike du Jour 1 day ago

    Liberals are people who go out of their way to be offended by something stupid.

  4. bpullin commented on Medium Large 1 day ago

    Doesn’t look like a muslim Somali pirate.

  5. bpullin commented on Working Daze 1 day ago

    Maybe the first couple seasons of MASH. Then it got too full of itself and too self important. Plus, it lasted longer than the actual conflict.

  6. bpullin commented on The Flying McCoys 2 days ago

    It’s okay. It’s making fun of white people, so it’s not racist.

  7. bpullin commented on Half Full 2 days ago

    This is your brain on drugs, with a side of bacon, pancakes and coffee for $3.99 at Denny’s.

  8. bpullin commented on Real Life Adventures 2 days ago

    Just sounds like all you old farts aren’t ready for technology.

  9. bpullin commented on Mike du Jour 2 days ago

    There are schools on reservations where the school mascot is called Redskins. Is that racist? How come the only people to complain about this are white people?

  10. bpullin commented on Wide Open 2 days ago

    I get that’s supposed to be Top Cat. Sorry if I’m a bit slow today, but what’s the joke? First time he’s seen a real cat?