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  1. notsooldguy commented on Brian McFadden 2 days ago

    Respectful Troll and prfesser both make good points. But isn’t it strange that if someone wants to write or film pornography or if the Oligarchs want to spend massive amounts of money to elect their puppet, the Supreme Court calls it free speech while someone who tells an ethnic joke or says something critical about another race is accused of a hate crime. I’m certainly not supporting anyone who makes such remarks, but my point is that it’s going to be difficult for the average citizen to make much headway in selecting legislators with vision and character against the enormous advantage the court has handed the Oligarchs.

  2. notsooldguy commented on The Dinette Set 3 days ago

    Hey Burl, sometimes the only thing worse than not getting what you want is GETTING what you want. I hope you’re happy with their increased level of security.

  3. notsooldguy commented on The Creeps 8 days ago

    I like the way his thought balloon morphs into panel four. Very slick.

  4. notsooldguy commented on The Creeps 9 days ago

    Isn’t that the guy who painted the funny eyes on the mannequins? Hmmmm…wonder what’s going to happen next?

  5. notsooldguy commented on Herman 9 days ago

    Reminds me of the time I waxed our car with Meguiars cleaner wax. The next day the entire car was covered in ants. They loved the stuff!

  6. notsooldguy commented on The Creeps 13 days ago

    Love the way the angry guy’s hands are drawn in each panel.

  7. notsooldguy commented on Garfield 18 days ago

    Having an unhappy intestine is no laughing matter.

  8. notsooldguy commented on The Dinette Set 20 days ago

    I think Jerry’s saying, “because you’re lazy.”

  9. notsooldguy commented on Human Cull 21 days ago

    I notice the vehicle is a large SUV. Especially appropriate.

  10. notsooldguy commented on Frank & Ernest 21 days ago

    The font used on the window lettering reminds me of an old Mac font. Was it Chicago?