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  1. notsooldguy commented on The Creeps 4 days ago

    Is he eating soup with a fork?

  2. notsooldguy commented on NEUROTICA 4 days ago

    Yeah, between the Coumadin and the low strength aspirin, it’s a challenge.

  3. notsooldguy commented on The Creeps 6 days ago

    Maybe he’s the new roommate. Remember the roommate who never came out of his room and his room smelled real bad? I don’t even want to begin to think how they resolved that one.

  4. notsooldguy commented on The Duplex 7 days ago

    Washington, DC area rock legend Root Boy Slim had a song entitled, “You broke my mood ring.”

  5. notsooldguy commented on The Creeps 7 days ago

    One thousand points for the most creative use of word balloons in a comic!

  6. notsooldguy commented on Candorville 18 days ago

    It seems to me that if the local public school system is doing a good, solid job then they would have little to fear from vouchers fof private schools.

  7. notsooldguy commented on The Dinette Set 19 days ago

    The new position is: left out.

  8. notsooldguy commented on WuMo 25 days ago

    He’s just speaking in tongues. You need an interpreter.

  9. notsooldguy commented on Nancy 28 days ago

    I remember they told me if I voted for Goldwater we’d end up in a war. I voted for Goldwater and, sure enough, we ended up in a war.

  10. notsooldguy commented on Frank & Ernest about 1 month ago

    Actually, the bankers didn’t get jail time because they didn’t break any laws. The 2000 US Congress made it legal for them to steal from us.