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  1. notsooldguy commented on Richard's Poor Almanac 10 days ago

    I’ve been to all those places!

  2. notsooldguy commented on Real Life Adventures 10 days ago

    Repercussions at 3am? Sounds like you’re being visited by the evil Mr. Gall Bladder.

  3. notsooldguy commented on Origins of the Sunday Comics 17 days ago

    Panel three and several other images by this artist remind me of Maurice Sendak’s work.

  4. notsooldguy commented on Human Cull 17 days ago

    Re: LadyKat…

    And then sit at the light for ten seconds after it turns green.

  5. notsooldguy commented on Tim Eagan 21 days ago

    Didn’t some hydrologist recently discover that the twentieth century was California’s wettest century in the last thousand years or so? So I guess that means California is now just experiencing its normal rainfall. Scary thought since there would be no hope that decreasing co2 levels would help. As if we could affect co2 anyway what with developing countries increasing their co2 output like mad.

  6. notsooldguy commented on Brian McFadden 24 days ago

    The Republican platform: straining at gnats. “Don’t distract us with the important issues, we’re after the gnats!”

    Hey Republican leadership, I hope you don’t think that platform is going to win any presidential elections. Surely you’re not that stupid. Or are you? I guess we’ll find out in 2016.

  7. notsooldguy commented on Sunny Street 24 days ago

    If you read the nutritional analysis of practically any box of breakfast cereal you’ll see why all the kids are on their way to diabetes.

  8. notsooldguy commented on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal 26 days ago

    It’s my belief that most of the grants from which the publications result do not pay for themselves, ie, for the faculty time necessary to do the actual work. Thus, the more research and publication a university achieves, the more money it loses. But that’s OK, we’ll just get the students to subsidize it. And that, I believe, is why tuitions have risen so astronomically in the last twenty years or so.

  9. notsooldguy commented on The Dinette Set 29 days ago

    …and bring a shovel. This fork is too small.

  10. notsooldguy commented on The Other Coast 29 days ago

    Itching at the base of the tail = fleas or, if really itchy with inflammation and hair loss, flea allergy.