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  1. jonesb commented on Tank McNamara about 18 hours ago

    This Redskins name thing is ridiculous, the name was meant to honor Indians as beings great warriors. Same with most Indian names on sports teams. Get over it PC crowd.

  2. jonesb commented on Speechless 14 days ago

    That’s the shaggy hair hanging in his face.

  3. jonesb commented on Gary Markstein 18 days ago

    Gridlock is our only hope of slowing down the over sized government’s growth. The voters keep sending the mostly the same garbage back to Congress every election.

  4. jonesb commented on Drew Sheneman 19 days ago

    Like the VA works on a national scale. If you live in an area with a good work ethic, the VA is fine, otherwise it sucks.

  5. jonesb commented on Speechless 20 days ago

    The cat followed the smoke to his tasty lunch of mouseburger and the smoke was hazardous to the mouse’s health..

  6. jonesb commented on Tank McNamara 24 days ago

    Hall of Fame.

  7. jonesb commented on Aunty Acid 27 days ago

    But you do perverted things in phone booths.

  8. jonesb commented on Tank McNamara 27 days ago

    Free Pete Rose! I can’t believe they still won’t vote one of the greatest players into the Hall of Fame. I’m not even that much of a baseball fan and yet I know Pete Rose.

  9. jonesb commented on Wizard of Id 30 days ago

    She’s on every now and then, using a polite description, she’s a house maid.

  10. jonesb commented on Jeff Stahler about 1 month ago

    I understand that the ‘old’ wheat we ate had 5% gluten whereas the ‘new’ wheat has 50% gluten. I don’t know exactly when we went from 5 to 50.