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  1. jonesb commented on Jeff Stahler 6 months ago

    And I thought I’d never agree with you. Actually I do agree with you on many social issues, just not the ponzi scheme economy that gives out borrowed money or size of government.

  2. jonesb commented on Matt Davies 8 months ago

    In 2004 I went to a local party function in Alaska to support Ron Paul. We were pretty much locked out even though almost 30% were Ron Paul supporters. Finally one of the old guard suggested giving us one delegate to shut us up. Some of the Ron Paul supporters with strong stomachs actually got into the game and a few of them were finally elected to the party organization before the 2008 election. It sure isn’t democratic if that’s what you think, other states may be different.

  3. jonesb commented on Matt Wuerker 10 months ago

    You got it Sharkie, now if we could convince a few more voters.

  4. jonesb commented on ViewsEurope 10 months ago


  5. jonesb commented on ViewsAsia 10 months ago

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  6. jonesb commented on Clay Bennett 10 months ago

    Thanks for setting Kevin straight, we were a federation of states to start with but we’ve let our politicians turn us into a democracy. We were a federation to keep the majority from ruling over the minority.

  7. jonesb commented on Nick Anderson 10 months ago

    jonesb said, less than a minute ago

    If I’m not mistaken ISIS got it’s weapons in Syria from Obama and John McCain helped. Then the pitiful Iraqi army, trained by Bush’s people, fled and left all their weapons for ISIS to use to take control of huge portions of Syria and Iraq. ISIS now controls most towns on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Syria and Iraq. Both Bush and Obama are at fault on this one plus many other, we have no leaders in the U S A..

  8. jonesb commented on Dana Summers 10 months ago

    Bringing Ebola patients back to the U S is not a smart move.

  9. jonesb commented on Views of the World 10 months ago


  10. jonesb commented on Michael Ramirez 10 months ago

    I finally had to use the VA in South Dakota and I’m amazed at the high level of service and competency in Watertown and Sioux Falls. They match any doctor’s office, clinic or hospital that I’ve been to in my 72 years. I think the VA is only as good as the surrounding area’s work ethic.