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  1. sithech commented on Red and Rover about 1 month ago

    Red knows because he has silver amalgam fillings and because gum was wrapped in foil. It’s the 1960s.

  2. sithech commented on Zack Hill about 1 month ago

    Christmas was illegal in colonial America. Only celebrated by Anglicans, Catholics, and Lutherans. All the Methodists, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and baptists ignored it. It was a regular workday. Not until the mid 19th century was it a holiday. Eventually folks forced their Protestant churches to at least do a little Chrismas. The hymnals had no Christmas music in them until after 1860.

  3. sithech commented on Ben about 1 month ago

    It’s held in the Tokyo metro art museum. Every ten years they do a double where they completely change the exhibit midway through.

  4. sithech commented on Zack Hill about 1 month ago

    Christmas was a work day in the USA until the 1850’s. Puritans had outlawed it in the 17th century. It had about the status that things like Pentecost or Ascension Day currently have:a religious holiday for some but not all Christians. Many denominations only grudgingly took it back into their church because of pressure from their members. American hymnals of the 18th and mid 19th centuries have no Christmas carols or references to Christmas.

  5. sithech commented on Dilbert Classics 2 months ago

    Mine had a 1 Megaherz 8-bit 6502 and 48 kilobytes of memory. Only cost $1498. Without any disk drive. That was an extra $500 for a 148 K drive.

  6. sithech commented on PreTeena 3 months ago

    Fall not in love therefor; it will stick to your face.

  7. sithech commented on F Minus 3 months ago

    Should be to the fireworks fund on The Fifth of November. Penny for the Guy?

  8. sithech commented on Red and Rover 3 months ago

    I well, the story is that silver was withdrawn from US coins in 1964. EXCEPT for the brand new Kennedy half dollar. So naturally nobody spent their halves. They put them in the dresser drawer as souvenirs and because they would be valuable as the price of silver went up. The halves continued to have silver and be hordes until 1968. By then, everyone had gotten out of the habit of using them.

    Before then we got Franklin halves in change all the time, sometimes even older ones.

  9. sithech commented on Working Daze 3 months ago

    Logging everything I eat, measuring and logging exercise, recording weight every day. Two years in, I lost 135 pounds and kept it off. Luck to your husband, it can be done.

  10. sithech commented on Dilbert Classics 5 months ago

    Fountain pens in the pocket would make a very bad mess without a pocket protector when you forgot to cap the pen and stuck it business side down into your pocket. Same for fiber-point pens. Ball points made less mess, but still some. The nerd pack protects your shirt from the ink.