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  1. logivod commented on The Grizzwells 21 days ago

    I agree with Shadow Beast. With all the social pressure to stop bullying (which I agree with) why doesn’t he just phase that out of this strip.

  2. logivod commented on Farcus about 1 month ago

    The guy needs to learn to draw a better camera. It looks like a movie camera.

  3. logivod commented on Ben 3 months ago

    Nice ass.

  4. logivod commented on Betty 3 months ago

    they each have a piece of pizza but there is only one out of the box

  5. logivod commented on Zack Hill 4 months ago

    All the concern about bullying in the news and we are still making fun of it on TV and in the comics. Something doesn’t jive here.

  6. logivod commented on Moderately Confused 5 months ago

    Totally agree with Silent Bob. Not funny.

  7. logivod commented on Bottomliners 8 months ago

    He needs a new monitor.

  8. logivod commented on Off the Mark 8 months ago


  9. logivod commented on Matt Davies 10 months ago

    R.I.P Pax Americana.

  10. logivod commented on The Barn about 1 year ago

    All these comics do now is pander to current trends. It’s not funny. It’s boring.