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  1. warjoski GoComics Pro Member commented on Courageous Man Adventures about 1 hour ago

    Can’t blame the kid. I’d sell my Grandmother’s kidney for tacos.

  2. warjoski GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson about 21 hours ago

    “The Koch brothers are intent on changing the US from the old politics of power and people to a game of lords and serfs”.

    I actually don’t disagree with this, but I think you limit it just to the right. Isn’t one of the hallmarks of feudalism the concentration in the hands of a small number of people, particularly along family lines? While the right have the Bushes, the left have both the Clintons and the Kennedy. I would argue the left is in fact much more prone to fall into cults of personality than the right (not saying the right doesn’t do this. Just that the left seems more susceptible to it). Lastly, how much of the leadership of the left is made up of people who all fall into the same income bracket and educational background as the leadership on the right? And are you saying the left isn’t taking campaign funds and being influenced by well heeled individuals and concerns as well?

  3. warjoski GoComics Pro Member commented on Courageous Man Adventures 1 day ago

    You don’t find Flamenco Hombre…Flamenco Hombre finds YOU!!!

  4. warjoski GoComics Pro Member commented on Last Kiss 1 day ago

    The fact that there is a big yellow/black warning bar running along the concrete wall behind them sort of gives this one a kind weird vibe.

  5. warjoski GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Lester 3 days ago

    Valid point. But I don’t see how that obligates Obama to bring it up in a speech. Why is it the US President’s job to make Turkey confess? Turkey needs to be the one to admit what they did. This seems similar to the US and the Native American peoples, or to Japanese/Chinese history from WWII. I’m sure there’s hundreds of other examples. I don’t know of any of them that ended happily because someone outside said, ‘Hey…’. But I may be forgetting an instance.

  6. warjoski GoComics Pro Member commented on Dana Summers 3 days ago

    Those are private companies though and aren’t (well I hope they aren’t at least) funded by my tax dollars. I think this ongoing IRS issue is a good example of how both sides are too busy trying to blame each other rather than solve the problem. The IRS became wasteful in several areas. And worse, it was used…I think rather willingly…as a weapon by one of the parties against the other. So now has come the time for payback. Not reform. But revenge. And the IRS is defanged to such an extent we all suffer. As bfrg1513 points out there must be a happy medium. But compromise is a bad word these days.

  7. warjoski GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson 3 days ago

    If I took your comment out of context, how was your original comment in context? I will apologize in that I should have asked you to clarify your comment. However, your comment stated that the ‘aggressors were now asking to be saved’. And while there are people with political signs on the beach, there’s also a corpse. So I guess I come back to the way your comment comes across as ‘well if they can’t take it, they shouldn’t dish it out’. Which of course seems at best an odd thing to say when there’s a beheaded corpse on the beach. If you didn’t want your comment to come across that way, you should have been more clear on your intent. But as I said, I shouldn’t have assumed and asked you to clarify.

  8. warjoski GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Lester 3 days ago


    Reuters write up on the situation is interesting. I haven’t seen the tax forms, so I can’t say for sure. It may be that it is all just an error on the part of the Foundation. Here’s the thing though: how is incompetence better than deceitfulness? If the Foundation, which is overseen at least on paper by the Clintons, is so poorly run, how could we expect Hillary to run the government effectively. Sadly, she seems to be the strongest candidate either side can field. And that pretty much sums up why 2016 will be a horrible year for this country in a nutshell.

  9. warjoski GoComics Pro Member commented on Steve Kelley 3 days ago

    I actually have no doubts FOX is a large sack of moldy brownies. None of that excuses the Clintons.

  10. warjoski GoComics Pro Member commented on Bob Gorrell 3 days ago

    If he wanted to stop them, he could.