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  1. Arianne commented on Frazz 16 minutes ago

    More like lemon juice on a paper cut?
    Re: Frazz’s Little Feat t-shirt yesterday – I can’t believe it took so long for me to remember, but the light bulb finally came on. I posted a picture of the album cover, if anyone might be interested.

  2. Arianne commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 hour ago

    And, because I can never get enough Bowie –

  3. Arianne commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 hour ago

    Eddie Floyd – Knock On Wood

  4. Arianne commented on Frazz about 6 hours ago

    Night-Gaunt, yes, people do have “different taste buds.” It can be difficult to understand how someone can enjoy a taste that is “disgusting” to yourself. And vice versa.
    Susan, your story about the toddler is especially resonant for me. Since I didn’t like tomatoes as a child, it never occurred to me that my children might. Then, when she was about 6, my oldest daughter came home from playing in her friend’s yard, and told me they had been eating cherry tomatoes off the vine, and she loved them. I was so surprised!
    Well, that was how we started planting tomatoes. My husband had always loved them, but we hadn’t gotten into gardening before then. After that, we always planted several cherry tomato plants for the children to eat at will, and other varieties for us… that is, if we were fast enough!
    More than one summer day, my husband would come home, looking forward to enjoying the tomatoes he had scoped out while watering the previous evening, only to find the plants picked clean of anything ripe. (We had four children by then, and our daughters would also invite their tomato loving friends over to forage.)
    It was frustrating, in an amusing way, but it is now a precious memory. I am sure that you are helping to create a treasured memory for that toddler’s family.

  5. Arianne commented on Arlo and Janis about 8 hours ago


    it’s a mystery…

  6. Arianne commented on Get Fuzzy about 8 hours ago

    Lol! I concur with your first sentence, and applaud your second! The perfect response to a perfect panel! Like!

  7. Arianne commented on Frazz about 9 hours ago

    Little Feat, 1978. We’ve got this album, lurking somewhere in the basement.

  8. Arianne commented on Get Fuzzy about 22 hours ago

    Don’t forget the frilly apron. Nothing says funny hard like two guys in frilly aprons and oven mitts.

    ^ WANT ^                 Chortle

  9. Arianne commented on Pickles about 23 hours ago

    Now tell him what an ex-spurt plumber you are.

  10. Arianne commented on Scary Gary about 23 hours ago

    Yeah, Leopold’s not usually a very (lumbar) supportive friend. Being helpful will take some adjustment.