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  1. Arianne commented on Brevity 19 days ago

    Yes, I know. : ) I was just playing… (as I suspect you kind of are.) Just wanted an excuse to say how neat that gif is!
    You’re very welcome, and thanks for the thanks…haha…

  2. Arianne commented on Arlo and Janis 19 days ago

    A pile for everything and everything in its pile.

    We just heard that yesterday (but I’ve already forgotten where, fercryinoutloud!) and it cracked my husband up. He decided it’s his new motto.

  3. Arianne commented on Break of Day 20 days ago

    Lol! It gets kinda sticky…

  4. Arianne commented on Brevity 20 days ago

    Susan – I didn’t mean to embarrass you yesterday, sorry!
    Now I’m embarrassed!
    But seriously, that’s great work on your avatar! I especially like that you added the detail on the neck. That’s where I always get the reddest.

  5. Arianne commented on The Argyle Sweater 20 days ago

    Points for everyone!!! Too many to list! Whale done! :ↁ

  6. Arianne commented on The Argyle Sweater 20 days ago

    Love it!

  7. Arianne commented on Get Fuzzy 20 days ago

    I so agree! As usual with GF, just the images alone can make me laugh. And then the Fuzzyisms!!!
    And those pink and black paws get me every time.

  8. Arianne commented on Speed Bump 20 days ago

    That is helpful. Thanks! : )

  9. Arianne commented on That is Priceless 20 days ago

    Ok, I really liked the comments from TruthHurts and Nazzo! So very good! And then I got to Number Six…. :ↁ LOL!

  10. Arianne commented on The Humble Stumble 20 days ago

    Hi, Blackwolff !! I saw your message back on Get Fuzzy, and responded, here. But I’m afraid it was too late for you to see it. I’ve been looking out for you ever since. : )