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  1. omQ R commented on Nick Anderson about 16 hours ago

    :-) Actually, if you looked at my initial links you will see the US action kicked off (pardon the pun) with an American, Chuck Blazer.
    It is not other peoples’ or countries’ war, but yours, too.
    See who else was charged: Aaron Davidson. One of yours.
    My praise was for the fact that your justice system went after them, and brought down along with them others.
    European, Asian and African Football officials are absent, as yet. For years it was generally accepted in ZA that the South African bid was won through corruption, likewise the Russian & Qatar bids. Except Fifa’s “internal” investigations were shelved…
    Perhaps with your country’s, and Switzerland’s investigations (as they are also carrying out one), it will shake the ol’ tree a bit elsewhere.
    Cheers ;-)

  2. omQ R commented on Nick Anderson about 17 hours ago

    " it took the USA to start cleaning up FIFA?"

    Quite true. Everyone in Europe knows of the bloody corruption but does nothing about it.
    About time, many thanks for your government’s action.

  3. omQ R commented on Nick Anderson about 22 hours ago

    "The European soccer bureaucrats are crooks! "

    Unfortunately, not limited to one continent

    14 Charged, based on an American’s testimony: Chuck Blazer, corrupt official turned super-grass

    Costas Takkas:UK. Arrested,Zurich,Weds.
    (former Cayman Islands Football Association(FA) general secretary)
    Jeffrey Webb:Cayman Islands. Arrested,Zurich,Weds.
    Jack Warner:Trinidad and Tobago. Turned himself in, released on bail
    His sons, Daryan and Daryll Warner, US citizens, have both pleaded guilty to a variety of fraud and money laundering charges
    Eduardo Li:Costa Rica. Arrested,Zurich,Weds.
    Julio Rocha:Nicaragua. Arrested,Zurich,Weds
    Eugenio Figueredo: U.S., Uruguay. Arrested,Zurich,Weds
    Rafael Esquivel: Venezuela. Arrested,Zurich,Weds
    José Maria Marin: Brazil. Arrested,Zurich,Weds
    José Margulies: Brazil. Charged.
    Nicolás Leoz: Paraguay. Charged.
    Aaron Davidson: U.S. Charged.
    Alejandro Burzaco: Argentina. Charged.
    Hugo and Mariano Jinkis:Argentina. Charged.

    I don’t doubt Europeans (Or Africans or Asians) are also corrupt, but only 1 European, working for the Caymans, was charged which I found rather surprising.

    The English FA has long criticised UEFA for instance, and for good reason.

    Sepp Blatter, in my opinion, is one sleazy character but he hasn’t been charged so far.

  4. omQ R commented on Signe Wilkinson 5 days ago

    People are expendable. Meanwhile, Mayan pyramids, mounds or artifacts experience damage or destruction almost on a daily basis in Central America.

  5. omQ R commented on Mike Luckovich 8 days ago

    I’d angle for restituition as well.

  6. omQ R commented on Mike Luckovich 8 days ago

    I watched John Oliver’s segment on the way chicken-farmers in the US are “contracted” by the big firms so I think I understood what you meant.

  7. omQ R commented on Mike Lester 8 days ago

    The dumbing down of cartooning will soon lead to robotic scribbles taking over.

  8. omQ R commented on Henry Payne 8 days ago

    “Well why did he pay students 35 to dismiss people question’s the status qu.”

    I parsed this a few times. Since it made no sense, I googled Bill Nye and 35 instead.

    Right, Bill Nye was paid $35 000 to speak at Rutgers University, at a graduation ceremony. His speech urged his audience to dismiss climate sceptics’ arguments. As well he should advise this.

    Now I understand Payne’s ’toon, too:
    “The oncoming trouble is Climate Change: It is going to affect you all in the same way the Second World War consumed people of my parents’ generation. They rose to the challenge, and so will you. They came to be called The Greatest Generation. I want you all to preserve our world in the face of Climate Change and carry on as The Next Great Generation.”

    Jack…I would pay to listen to Bill Nye, too. Judging by your comment, I dare say you would benefit as well. I have provided you with a link which has his speech transcribed. Worth every penny he was paid.

  9. omQ R commented on Henry Payne 8 days ago

    “Bill Nye the Science Guy is someone you feel the need to ridicule? That tells me a lot about you Henry”

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Payne’s fanbase isn’t the brightest.
    In their world, pardon the pun, localised conflicts trump a global threat to humanity.

  10. omQ R commented on Lalo Alcaraz 8 days ago

    Good one, R ;-)

    I wonder what screen name will pop up now. I see the last one has been zeroed.