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  1. omQ R commented on Views of the World 1 day ago

    **groan ;-)

  2. omQ R commented on Views of the World 1 day ago

    You’re welcome; it helps living in Vienna ;-)

  3. omQ R commented on Views of the World 2 days ago

    I struggled to read the details so I looked it up on Oliver’s website: Angela Merkel with a piggy-bank in her right-hand; The saws: Podemos (Leftwing Spain), Syriza (Leftwing Greece), FPÖ (rightwing Austria), Front Nacional (rightwing France), AfD (rightwing Germany), UKIP (righwing UK)

    All Euro-sceptic parties and all have increased their numbers/weight in their latest elections.

    The ‘toon is titled: "Merkel’s position of power in Europe"
    …and the caption reads: “The dominance of Germany within the EU and Eurozone raises saw-rich opponents

    Is that Putin peeking behind her? A usurper?

  4. omQ R commented on Ted Rall 2 days ago

    He probably thinks about quiting the current drone programme every day, too.

  5. omQ R commented on Rebecca Hendin 2 days ago

    Nicely put.

  6. omQ R commented on Drew Sheneman 2 days ago

    I didn’t change the subject: I just compared your comment to another person who likes to blame everything on immigrants.

  7. omQ R commented on Michael Ramirez 3 days ago

    “God/Allah help us all.” & “‘Oh, the humanity…’”

    I know you pay attention to avatars as you’ve commented on mine, yet you don’t have one. Allow me to correct this lacuna and offer you a suggestion:

  8. omQ R commented on Drew Sheneman 3 days ago

    “Because we are overrun by illiterates from 3rd World Nations, which we then include in the averages, and other Countries don’t.”

    Whoa, way to go, blaming yet something else on immigrants: your poorer education record. Seriously?

    What next, they’re the reason for traffic snarl-ups?

  9. omQ R commented on ViewsAsia 3 days ago

    sotto voice: I fear, whatstheirname, you know, is back; but, shh, keep it between ourselves.

  10. omQ R commented on Matt Wuerker 3 days ago

    “As an elected official of ten years,”

    It amuses me what posts can be and are actually elected: Sheriffs, Dog catchers(ok, that really isn’t one of them, Judges…

    ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Elected Judges’