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  1. Gresch commented on Clay Jones about 1 hour ago

    yet rampant socialistic tendencies was missed in the vetting process before….

  2. Gresch commented on Clay Bennett about 21 hours ago

    Taxes Enough Already (TEA) was selected because Stop Taking My Money To Pay For Your Voters To Live As A Permeant Underclass…. did not spell a pithy acronym…

  3. Gresch commented on Mike Luckovich 2 days ago

    Founding Fathers? I thought you could not have a picture of the prophet…

  4. Gresch commented on Matt Davies 3 days ago

    We are discussing the level of the water… not the color of the water… not the hue or the shimmer of the setting sun to form a glade of gold…
    Volume, height, length, depth…. inches, millimeters, flat surfaces, curved surfaces…. cold hard defined attributes…
    Science has measurements involved…
    I am almost believe I am “hearing” that some people have a greater confidence in the predictability the range of temperature at 7000 m in the year 2100 than the chances of it raining tomorrow in central park NYC.

  5. Gresch commented on Matt Davies 3 days ago

    Some research shows that there is a subset of people who hold to incorrect conclusions

    so spending time working on silencing your detractors instead offering true data….

  6. Gresch commented on Matt Davies 3 days ago

    you have not provided an explanation at all…

  7. Gresch commented on Matt Davies 3 days ago

    Then… what are mean sea level measurements based on?

  8. Gresch commented on Matt Davies 3 days ago

    ..and I would have to say that you provided a similar link to NOAA…. which confirms that there are extremely complex calculations to predict tidal information…. ( factors that include the moon, sun, time of day, time of year, etc… to summarize all that data to yield 3 mm would be like weighing the earth….

  9. Gresch commented on Matt Davies 3 days ago

    No, water level… individual stations that collect the data for NOAA

  10. Gresch commented on Matt Davies 4 days ago

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Tides & Current Boston, MA – Station ID: 8443970

    Disclaimers – Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS)
    Operational Forecast Systems (OFS) Disclaimer
    The OFS water level nowcasts and forecasts are accurate to within 6 inches 90% of the time.