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  1. Gresch commented on (th)ink about 9 hours ago

    As I stated before … show all work

    show the statistical +/- that you mention…

    Let us start with a simple measurement
    show me “your” measurement of
    One single coastal reading (show all reference measurements and provide all assumptions and parameters, time ,tide, wind, humidity, density, etc.) to one satellite reading ( show all reference measurements and provide all assumptions orbit height, curvature of the earth, cloud cover, air density, humidity, satellite velocity, etc.)

    Trends starts with a single data

    Please do not bring economy into the discussion.

    My point is neither wishful or meant obfuscate…

    show me “your” math…

  2. Gresch commented on (th)ink 1 day ago

    Well your links bring me to many of the same sites that

    “A series of satellite missions that started with TOPEX/Poseidon (T/P) in 1992 and continued with Jason-1 (2001–2013) and Jason-2 (2008–present) estimate global mean sea level every 10 days with an uncertainty of 3–4 mm.”

    Uncertainly of 2-3 mm!!!

    “these geographic variations were resolved in 1993 when two satellites were launched that use radar to measure the level of the ocean very precisely from space. This high-tech approach eliminates the problems of land motion on Earth and…”

    A satellite at ~1336 km going ~7.2 km/s measuring 2 mm of a moving wave, ripples from wind, tidal subject, gravity, temperature, salt level density, clouds, relative humidity, etc… all taken into account…

    Which is a little hard to understand how to possibly to drawn the conclusion

    “…has given us a new global sea-level rise rate over the past 22 years of 3.2 millimeters per year, the equivalent of 12 inches per century.”

    the rise matches the uncertainty?

  3. Gresch commented on Clay Jones 1 day ago

    Again no focus on what BHO has done, has not done, and will not be doing…
    as far as Iraq we already had the receipts for materials to make WMDs…

  4. Gresch commented on (th)ink 3 days ago

    Explain how one measures the level of the sea…. show all work… include all error analysis…

  5. Gresch commented on Clay Jones 3 days ago

    oh please… Bush inherited the lack of Intel and a dangerous situation in the Middle east… and each POTUS works with what they get…
    tell BHO to put on the big boy underpant…

  6. Gresch commented on Henry Payne 4 days ago

    Ulma… Oprah….

    His audience was getting too old to stay up that late and not tech savvy enough to VCR / DVR / Stream it …

    PS Colbert only pretends to be a conservative… it is an act that he may not bring with him to the new gig…

  7. Gresch commented on Clay Jones 4 days ago

    Wow…There are still people who can not remember that BHO is POTUS and that there is a plan to rename Harvard Kennedy School’s Center of Foreign Policy after him…. not…

  8. Gresch commented on Darrin Bell 5 days ago

    who is not calling these wannabe “S of A.” thugs?
    The main stream media spent hours asking why no one is calling them thugs instead of calling them thugs….
    Yes there are people who fix the blame on the welfare state for creating more single mother families…. [ more single “white” mothers than single “black” mothers on welfare … would like to see more toons on that ]
    BTW, why not suggest that “white” Bikers blame “black” cops for profiling them….

  9. Gresch commented on Drew Sheneman 6 days ago

    No… he did the Sandy photo op
    and the bridge was not shut down….
    The cones were moved…
    Two out of three toll booths were diverted to the main entrance of the Bridge serving Interstate 95, Interstate 80, Route 46, Route 4, & Route 9 instead a one local road…
    CC participation with the “event” still unproven

  10. Gresch commented on Ted Rall 7 days ago

    I understand that the galley of US Carl Vinson was missing 9 pounds and 11 oz of bacon…