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  1. Gresch commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 hour ago

    well he said he wanted to lead from behind…

  2. Gresch commented on Chan Lowe about 1 hour ago

    Are you suggesting that the Dems use of Shia law as an alternate is better…

  3. Gresch commented on Drew Sheneman about 1 hour ago

    Repub-Misogyny Alert

    The “Bridge-to-Nowhere” project was started prior to Palin becoming Gov… and was cancelled in 2007 by then-Gov. Palin…

  4. Gresch commented on Doonesbury about 2 hours ago

    Gary, ya would think that ya would have been funny at least once in that time…. I mean about Bush… your work using Duke is a scream…

  5. Gresch commented on Jeff Stahler 1 day ago

    Lucy: Charlie Brown why did your Balls go Soft?

    Charlie: Would you like to know what is still Hard?

    Apologies to Gisele and to “Peanuts”

  6. Gresch commented on Drew Sheneman 1 day ago

    Come on Drew … why have you not blamed Christie for deflate-gate yet….

  7. Gresch commented on Clay Jones 2 days ago

    cuz the POTUS is full of HOT air…

  8. Gresch commented on Steve Benson 2 days ago

    PV = nRT which is also known as the ideal gas law


    maybe the “Ball” boy has a gambling debt and he trying to help the Pats beat the point spread…

  9. Gresch commented on Darrin Bell 3 days ago

    the deficit is…

    still increasing the debt…

  10. Gresch commented on Darrin Bell 3 days ago

    cut the deficit… only in Washington can your “wife” buy cut back from buying 2 pairs of new shoes a month to two pairs of new shoes a month… that you can not afford…. and expect the “man” of the house to be Happy