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  1. Steam Vapor commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 3 days ago

    Isambard Brunel was Scottish?

  2. Steam Vapor commented on Scary Gary 3 days ago

    CHUTE not shoot!!!!

  3. Steam Vapor commented on Frazz 4 days ago

    Hey, B.D. — Well said!

  4. Steam Vapor commented on Last Kiss 4 days ago

    Notel Motel, 3050 W. 63rd Ave., Denver, CO 80221
    Ya’tel Motel, 640 U.S. 101, Yachats, OR 97498

  5. Steam Vapor commented on Red and Rover 7 days ago

    I hear that in Germany they outlawed old light bulbs, and some enteprenuer continued to sell them but marketed them as “Heat Balls”.

  6. Steam Vapor commented on Stuart Carlson 11 days ago

    I had an atheist friend (dead now, murdered by a christian) who was called to be a witness (yes, only a witness!) in a trial held in Texas. When called to the stand, she refused to swear on a bible, and the Judge had her thrown in jail for three days! Three days!!! Her name? Robin Murray O’hair, daughter-in-law of Madalyn Murray O’hair. I will never, NEVER, go to Texas. EVER.

  7. Steam Vapor commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 13 days ago

    This would be good sung as a round.

  8. Steam Vapor commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 18 days ago

    No, ***You’re*** the one getting sued, by Steve Young and Vivien Walsh.

  9. Steam Vapor commented on Over the Hedge 27 days ago

    I only read the New Yorker for the cartoons. Don’t we all?

  10. Steam Vapor commented on The Barn 27 days ago

    You know what worked really well? The crumpled up cellophane wrapper from a pack of cigarettes. As it tries to straighten itself out it makes a crinkling noise they can’t resist.