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  1. Buckster commented on Tarzan 3 months ago

    LadyKat…yes and I still have it in a box somewhere with all the Tarzan novels I used to read in the 60’s while laying on a big tree limb 20 feet up…

  2. Buckster commented on Tarzan 3 months ago

    think I’m gonna barf…

  3. Buckster commented on Oyster War 6 months ago

    Joker? I’m not sure she’s joking…

  4. Buckster commented on Tarzan 7 months ago

    Nope…pretty sure it’s his rope. He always carried a rope that he wove from savannah grasses. Seem to recall that anytime he lost his weapons it was the 1st thing he replaced.

  5. Buckster commented on Tarzan 7 months ago

    Of course he could just dig under the fence…

  6. Buckster commented on Tarzan 9 months ago

    Underpinning a parking lot somewhere?

  7. Buckster commented on Zachary Nixon Johnson 9 months ago

    Wow! It all happens on his watch!!

    I didn’t even notice he was wearing one…

  8. Buckster commented on Dick Tracy 9 months ago

    Well I guess the age old question has been answered…car 54 is in the woodland hills area

  9. Buckster commented on Starslip 9 months ago

    uummmm…anybody thinking that, maybe, they’re about to have a ‘real combat’ situation?

  10. Buckster commented on Tarzan 10 months ago

    They DID check the guns for ammo, right?