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The Grizzwells by Bill Schorr

The Grizzwells

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  1. inshadowz commented on Over the Hedge 5 days ago

    From what I’ve read and heard, Carl Sagan really did have to put up with it. In fact, that was one of his major concerns, and if I remember correctly, it was even mentioned (though not in those exact words) several times during the COSMOS series.

  2. inshadowz commented on Rose is Rose 8 days ago

    The furry appearance of what we call a kitten is merely a three-dimensional projection, i.e. the cuteness part, of its eleven-dimensional form, which contains the rest of its ego, which is why kittens occasionally, or often, depending on the kitten, seem able to negotiate the laws of physics with such casual indifference, and adorableness, for which we have come to know and love them.

  3. inshadowz commented on Rose is Rose 11 days ago

    True-true on the last one. My potential was buried a lot deeper than I was. Still haven’t found it. :)

  4. inshadowz commented on The Buckets 11 days ago

    Thankfully, in our family we’re ALL evening people. The downstairs neighbour, however, is not.

  5. inshadowz commented on Get Fuzzy 13 days ago

    Plot twist: Bucky now arranges for a piano to fall on Satchel so he can make use of this loophole.

  6. inshadowz commented on The Buckets 13 days ago

    Question now is, after painstakingly giving them all individual appearances (and possibly names, lives and so on), who do you throw out?

  7. inshadowz commented on The Grizzwells 16 days ago

    Panel two: Mind. Blown.

  8. inshadowz commented on Betty 16 days ago

    How about silver chopsticks?

  9. inshadowz commented on Get Fuzzy 26 days ago

    … and Brits and Aussies and Japanese drive on the wrong hand side of the road :)

  10. inshadowz commented on Pearls Before Swine 29 days ago

    It just dawned on me. I never watched that series because I read it as “Baking Bread”, and figured I could do without another kitchen show …