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  1. inshadowz commented on Rose is Rose 2 days ago

    Possibly struggling with the resurgence of painful memories ;)

  2. inshadowz commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 days ago

    Most Vegans and Fruitarians whom I’ve encountered have been fiercely religious in their nutritional beliefs, and thus, as an established and passionate carnivore, I’ve so far just narrowly escaped getting fatwa’d, crucified and jihaded to a bloody and randomly distributed minced mess of meat for blasphemously munching on unendorsed, yet delicious, parts of Creation in their presence.

  3. inshadowz commented on The Buckets 7 days ago

    Don’t even think about it!

    The Monolith, in the Vigeland park in Oslo, Norway, made from people encased in granite … or something.

  4. inshadowz commented on Over the Hedge 9 days ago


  5. inshadowz commented on Over the Hedge 9 days ago

    It may be hard to be sad with a pacifier in your mouth, but not impossible. Now watch Verne try …

  6. inshadowz commented on Get Fuzzy 9 days ago

    Project … as in projectile vomiting?

  7. inshadowz commented on The Grizzwells 12 days ago

    Amen to that!

  8. inshadowz commented on The Buckets 14 days ago

    I’d file this under “Great ideas I wish I’d had when I was Eddie’s age”, except I’m the oldest, and I’m happy as heck than none of my three younger siblings came up with it!

  9. inshadowz commented on The Buckets 17 days ago

    I feel you, brother! And then there was this guy who said, firmly and definitely as we approached his login box that he didn’t trust me or anyone else with his password, which I said was all good and proper of him and would he please type it in himself … and as he did so he said each and every letter and number out loud, including lower and upper case. I couldn’t have missed it if I had tried.

  10. inshadowz commented on Betty 17 days ago

    But … then the man cave will be empty of all those things he needed it for in the first place … ô¿ô