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  1. MPeters commented on Brevity 20 days ago

    Really, if you haven’t made up your mind, the polite thing to do is let someone who has, go ahead. Unfortunately, courtesy seems to be a foreign concept for some.

  2. MPeters commented on Brevity 20 days ago

    When the express lane allows up to 20 items, it doesn’t help a whole lot. 20 items can about fill a shopping cart.

  3. MPeters commented on Garfield 20 days ago

    “If you ask Liz, Jon, she’ll ask you to throw it away, donate it, or incinerate it.”

    Better incinerate it. Can’t risk someone else getting hold of it.

  4. MPeters commented on Wizard of Id 20 days ago

    Hey, someone’s got to listen to the Cubs.

  5. MPeters commented on Peanuts 20 days ago

    Or root for the players, whichever team they go to.

  6. MPeters commented on Calvin and Hobbes 20 days ago

    Natural instinct makes a person try to put out the fire with water. I agree, though, it doesn’t seem to help. As long as the water is in your mouth, you’re ok, but as soon as it’s gone, the fire’s back.
    Applesauce works pretty good, if it’s handy.

  7. MPeters commented on Free Range 27 days ago

    How did the Quaffle leave the pitch? I thought it was enchanted to stay in-bounds.

  8. MPeters commented on Dilbert Classics 27 days ago

    That wasn’t the space shuttle. It was a civilian craft. The Space Shuttle program has been discontinued.

  9. MPeters commented on Nancy about 1 month ago

    The Flannelgraphs I’ve seen use felt cutouts, rather than the paper ones mentioned in the article.

  10. MPeters commented on Pooch Cafe about 1 month ago

    The dog’s entering his second puppyhood.