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  1. JT Vagabond commented on For Better or For Worse 4 months ago

    and a beautiful one at that

  2. JT Vagabond commented on Birdbrains 8 months ago

    Exactly why I don’t bother with bait when I throw the hook in

  3. JT Vagabond commented on Dude and Dude 8 months ago

    not last year . . . 4 years ago. lots of time for players to age

  4. JT Vagabond commented on Dark Side of the Horse over 1 year ago

    Congrats, Samson! Clever strip, one of my faves. Look forward to 5 more years, and more animated strips.

  5. JT Vagabond commented on The Fusco Brothers almost 2 years ago

    Must be related to Horace?

  6. JT Vagabond commented on Jeff Danziger about 2 years ago

    Right after the ’72 election I started my first B-52 tour in Southeast Asia. Our crew came from a (since closed) air force base in Massachusetts. Somewhere I have an old photo with our copilot leaning out his window during preflight, holding a bumper sticker (distributed, probably, only in MA) which read: “One right, Forty-Nine wrong.” I stand by that sentiment today.

  7. JT Vagabond commented on Mike Luckovich about 2 years ago

    Perhaps the Aztec calendar shown does predict the end of twinkies. On the other hand the Mayan calendar, a rectangular stone, predic…tt.ss. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. JT Vagabond commented on Close to Home about 2 years ago

    Announce Texas to secede from Union — move back two centuries (if from Texas; move forward two centuries if from remaining states)

  9. JT Vagabond commented on The Elderberries about 2 years ago

    Not so true. Ask Mr. Rove.

  10. JT Vagabond commented on That's Life about 2 years ago

    It’s off playing with a discarded cardboard box.