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  1. Jeff T commented on Glenn McCoy 1 day ago

    Surprised this got past the editor.

  2. Jeff T commented on Ham Shears about 1 month ago

    Pretty cheap farm.

  3. Jeff T commented on Truth Facts about 1 month ago

    Just because it’s part of the comic doesn’t mean the author believes it. You know he could be poking fun at it. And I’m particularly impressed with the “If his beliefs don’t agree with mine, (especially a silly, single one), i don’t like him.” Geez, I love society.

  4. Jeff T commented on Truth Facts about 1 month ago

    Soft drinks contain aspartame, which breaks down into methanol, which then breaks down into formaldehyde within the body. But studies don’t show any accumulation, even at large doses.

  5. Jeff T commented on Signe Wilkinson about 1 month ago

    They also use it as filler. It’s replaced phrases like “um” and “hold on”.

    Curse words have lost their oomph.

  6. Jeff T commented on Truth Facts about 1 month ago

    Probably could’ve just gone without the “on”.

  7. Jeff T commented on The Other Coast about 1 month ago

    Can’t be certain, but I think Adrian’s done this before…possibly with Toulouse (or however it’s spelled) and Koko. Joke seems familiar.

  8. Jeff T commented on Pearls Before Swine 2 months ago

    No wonder I didn’t get it. It’s a C-rap.

  9. Jeff T commented on Sunny Street 2 months ago

    Homage to Get Fuzzy’s Valentine’s Day Beaver?

  10. Jeff T commented on Nick Anderson 3 months ago

    The misnomer and misleading term of neutrality here will only end up screwing the consumers. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow…but probably about a week later. Placing common carrier status on ISPs is the only solution that will prevent ISPs from reaming us on our bills.