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  1. GSJ Olé commented on Ben 13 days ago

    Maybe they’ll take an Asian cooking class together…

  2. GSJ Olé commented on Freshly Squeezed 19 days ago

    Amen, PhoebeDog. Stepson & DIL just had a baby. We’re due to visit next week. DIL’s request? That I bring my sewing machine…

  3. GSJ Olé commented on Watch Your Head 27 days ago

    I’d think he might be scared of that shirt he’s wearing.

  4. GSJ Olé commented on Ben about 1 month ago

    Some of our robins here in Manassas, Virginia, never left this winter. Boy, were they sorry! At least 5 inches of that nasty white stuff on the ground right now, and it’s still “flurrying”.

  5. GSJ Olé commented on Barney & Clyde about 1 month ago

    Much more interesting dialogue than the Washington Post version…

  6. GSJ Olé commented on Off the Mark about 1 month ago

    No; what he’s really thinking is, “Why don’t you get up so I can push you over again???”

  7. GSJ Olé commented on Soup to Nutz 2 months ago

    4 is Medusa.

  8. GSJ Olé commented on Off the Mark 2 months ago

    Rub my tummy until I scratch your wrist raw.

  9. GSJ Olé commented on Café con Leche 2 months ago

    I think Ray-Ray is looking at the apron…

  10. GSJ Olé commented on Arlo and Janis 3 months ago

    While my husband watches the game, I’ll be working on my pysanky.