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  1. Technojunkie commented on Scott Stantis 1 day ago

    Tragedy repeating as farce.

  2. Technojunkie commented on The Buckets 4 days ago

    Actually, the problem is from insufficient stomach acid that fails to adequately digest food and to signal the valve at the base of the esophagus to close up. Antacids and acid blockers make the problem worse but more comfortable, so long as that lack of sterilizing acid doesn’t let an infection in. Supplementing betaine HCl is usually a better choice.

  3. Technojunkie commented on Glenn McCoy 4 days ago

    When the BLM tells ranchers that they can no longer graze enough cattle for ranching to be viable and drives all but one ornery rancher out of business, I’m going to side with the ornery guy. Through in Harry Reid’s clan’s machinations and then it gets real interesting.

  4. Technojunkie commented on Doonesbury 4 days ago

    Trouble is, there’s a time limit on being a mother. Best to give that priority while you’re young. Both in having them and raising them so we don’t get a bunch of feral yutes.

    Of course, it’s tough for a father to support a stay-at-home mother these days. Taxes, reflation of the housing bubble, destruction of the currency, burning corn for fuel and inflating food prices, fascist roadblocks to small business development (which big business buys, often from Democrats), etc.

  5. Technojunkie commented on Zachary Nixon Johnson 5 days ago

    The seriously rich have K Street lobbyists to protect them. The merely prosperous small business owner gets his labor confiscated to buy the votes of the knuckle-draggers who used to bully him in grade school and think that the Democratic Party actually gives a rat’s furry behind about them. Meanwhile Republican incompetence makes the Libertarians look better and better.

  6. Technojunkie commented on Doonesbury 5 days ago

    A working mother can be taxed. A stay-at-home mom is no good for our government overlords. Worse, it might lead to home schooling. Who will indoctrinate the children then?

  7. Technojunkie commented on Matt Bors 15 days ago

    Ever ask yourself why people are getting so sick that we need to spend 1/6th of GDP on health care?

  8. Technojunkie commented on Adam@Home 21 days ago

    Try Nasalcrom. It’s a mast cell stabilizer. Better yet, stop eating wheat and soy and other crap that gets taxpayer subsidies. They stress the immune system.

  9. Technojunkie commented on Prickly City 26 days ago


  10. Technojunkie commented on Prickly City 30 days ago

    Home school. If we weren’t tax slaves for so much of the year more people could.