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  1. Technojunkie commented on Tom Toles 2 days ago

    This is why government was never supposed to have much power. Too easily bought.

  2. Technojunkie commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 7 days ago

    If you like industrial food-like products you probably won’t like Food Babe and similar foodies. You’re paying taxes to subsidize the GMO corn and soy that are the primary feedstocks of the industrial system.

  3. Technojunkie commented on Clay Jones about 1 month ago

    The cartoonist is clearly ignorant of Mohammad’s work.

    It’s helpful to point wayward Christians to the Bible. Pointing Muslims to the Koran, not so much.

  4. Technojunkie commented on Doonesbury 2 months ago

    The anti-war John Birch Society? If only.

    Vote Libertarian.

  5. Technojunkie commented on Dilbert Classics 2 months ago

    I’ve found that mandatory drug tests tell you which companies you really don’t want to work for.

  6. Technojunkie commented on Jim Morin 3 months ago

    The lawsuit is a distraction. If they were serious they’d simply cut off funding.

  7. Technojunkie commented on Henry Payne 3 months ago

    I like Pat Buchannan’s idea. Replace the corporate income tax with a flat 10% across-the-board import tariff. Raises about the same revenue. But then Congress wouldn’t have so many loopholes to sell to corporations.

  8. Technojunkie commented on Kevin Kallaugher 3 months ago

    America stopped being the land of Liberty no later than 1913, when Woodrow Wilson started the income tax and Federal Reserve. Now the rot of the welfare/warfare state is collapsing and this drive to bring in illegals is designed to accelerate that collapse. I don’t think the progressive Cloward/PIven collapse strategy is going to work like they planned but it’s going to be brutal finding out.

  9. Technojunkie commented on Basic Instructions 3 months ago

    The nutrition advice doctors and the government give is guaranteed to keep the medical system in business. Farm subsidies are rigged to further tip the scales.

  10. Technojunkie commented on Henry Payne 4 months ago

    We’d be working hard on getting thorium reactors figured out like China and India, but that involves math and the word “reactor” which your average progressive feels is double plus ungood.