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  1. Robert Landers commented on Candorville 14 days ago

    Good Grief! This guy is laying alone on a roof with this very hot girl that really likes him, and all he wants to do is to talk about UFO’s? What a dork!!

  2. Robert Landers commented on Luann 14 days ago

    Whoa! All of you seem to be discussing some kind of a horrible fate for this Gunther. Take a look at what a beautiful girl Rosa is drawn to be, and then remember that she really likes a geek like Gunther. Yeah, the guy really has a terrible fate ahead of him! Yuk! Yuk!

  3. Robert Landers commented on Jim Morin 14 days ago

    So, instead of having the speed bumps to enforce those laws (that you say you agree with) you are willing to have your local taxes increased enough to pay for having traffic cops on every street in your community. That does not sound very conservative of you, now does it?

  4. Robert Landers commented on Jim Morin 14 days ago

    The only problem with that, is that such law breakers also kill the perfectly innocent that are obeying the maritime laws at the same time!!

  5. Robert Landers commented on Mike Luckovich 14 days ago

    If Hillery Clinton’s health holds up, and she is insane enough to want the world’s toughest job, then there is at least a 60/40 chance that she will be the next president of the USA. Especially if she makes a reasonable choice for a running mate (Elizabeth Warren perhaps?).

    This is not just speculation at the present time, as there is not one decent Republican candidate with even a chance to get past the tea party dominated nominations. For instance, the best candidate the Republicans could come up with that would stand a chance against her with the moderate majority of voters would be somebody like Jon Huntsman, but being a reasonable and highly intelligent relatively moderate Republican, he would stand absolutely no chance at all in the present climate of the Republican Party. So, the best hope for the Republicans would be that Hillery would not run after all. In that respect even Tigger is correct!

  6. Robert Landers commented on Jim Morin 15 days ago

    Yeah, that is just what is needed, “flying cars!”. Can you even imagine the kinds of carnage (pun intended) that would cause!!

  7. Robert Landers commented on Scott Stantis 15 days ago

    And has been going on and on since ancient biblical times!!

  8. Robert Landers commented on Signe Wilkinson 15 days ago

    " Now it is USA bugs out and we see what happens when we just leave." The ONLY real difference is that our own wonderful young people are no longer coming back in coffins, or with their bodies and minds shattered!!

    And I hope our current president is intelligent enough to keep it that way!! Also, if you are so worried about Israel, try to remember that they consider themselves to be the chosen of the God that created this entire universe. So what would make you feel that if he can not protect his own chosen, then just exactly how is the USA supposed to do it instead?! Or don’t you even bother to read the book (the bible) that supposedly is behind all of this?

  9. Robert Landers commented on Darrin Bell 15 days ago

    Unfortunately, this is indeed the impression of Christian Americans that a whole lot of the rest of the world is now getting. As a Christian and patriotic American, I should be angry at such people, but I am just sad, really sad, as they are certainly not fooling Jesus Christ, only themselves!!

  10. Robert Landers commented on Jim Morin 17 days ago

    The Supreme Court has opened a very large Pandora’s Box, and like Pandora we will all suffer very greatly for it in the long run!!